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Drop your bags so you can have a nice time with your family without worrying about some shitcoin!

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Would the price on Christmas Day be much easier to manipulate due to lack of volume?

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Santa won't be bringing you cheapies this year bobo

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that chart makes me want to scream

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ok now I'm actually screaming lmao


>Verification not required.

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dont worry niggers, is not the real dump yet

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>He sodled ?

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It's extremely bullish.
It's a bear trap. Screencap this.

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ofc not nigger i am taking my bitcoin to the grave

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good call

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fuuuuuck. what do i do now? this is my first week investing in crypto. d-do I hold it until it starts pumping or should I just grease my ass up and wait for Bobo to take me?

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have allways some tether on the side. If it dumps buy the dip, if it pumps like crazy sell some at the resistance at the top. Remember that every phase is transitory and things flip back and forth, it will be up again for sure, btc is a winner in the medium - long term. But never put money you are going to need to pay the rent and your groceries or medical bills on it.

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okay. I've only got a few hundred in crypto. the majority of my investment money is in ETFs, indices and Forex and I've still got some money in savings as a buffer.

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>ETF gets approved
sell the news
>ETF gets rejected
panic sell

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if we have a sell the news with etf approval it will drop to around 38k and then come back roaring up to god knows what price
with a rejection there is no telling how low it will get, and drag all the alts with it

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Remember to set aside your gains so you can pay your taxes.

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Just sold my ICP

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I already have, but i am still holding some, my believe is that btc is a winner in the long term