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I can't pump

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so much eth fud.
just opened a long.

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>so much eth fud.
>just opened a long.

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Should he short? Fundamentals didnt changed just because some jewcoin is scampumpin.

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what fundamentals?

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we are printing sir

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eip is coming in january, 62k net eth burned in the past 30 days, so looks like there is a peanut deamnd for blockspace, l2s are starting to pump, but this is maybe just the sol "ecosystem" pumps side effect. its holding 05 for the second time in 1.5years(probably double bottom) and btc will pump so it ll pump too, desu it is fud, but you can sell 100k for sol any time just dont be surprised when the 95% vc distro is starting to shit to your head :O

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plus niggers like sassal and bankless are sweating :D I love it although I am an eth maxi with 90% in it, would be gold if they would capitulate, just like saylor is selling his btc :)

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holy basado!

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I am olding since 2016, remember when xrp or eos killed it?

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Even gongo said SOL will flip it. It's over.

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You need to hold all the major L1s this cycle. Sometimes it'll be a SOL pump arc, then an AVAX pump arc, then an ETH pump arc, then a NEAR pump, INJ pump etc. We're gonna rotate between shitcoin ecosystems for 2 years.

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its the top for sol, probably

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Maybe short term but SOL will hit at least $500 this cycle, probably $1000 at peak mania

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celsius dump is also done without breaking the ratio support. solana supply distribution is so awful, Sam is only one of the giga whales of this coin and needs to pay his lawyers. this SOL pump is as fake and gay as paycoin back in the days.

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ofc, it has a 3-4x at least at peak if the vc guys dont pull the rug before that.

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I didnt remember paycoin, when was that?

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lol, lmao. this run hasn't even been tested yet so u have no idea how people will react when someone big finally TPs . the whole thing could collapse at the first dump, and you're talking about $1000

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I dont, I "talked" about best case scenario at the bull pico top.

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2015, it was a bitcoin mining company which was 100% a ponzi and everyone knew it. it got pumped with the same supply scam as HEX or SOL. cryptsy, one of the biggest shitcoin exchanges back then, was heavily involved and went down because of it. good times.

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I got into eth mining in aug 2016, it was my first big step into cryípto, i tried ltc mining and faucets before that :D so I missed that, that was that another mining comp when you could get the mining cards after a timefram that it mied to you, ofc it was a scam too and nobody got the cards :D

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is it time for liftoff sirs?