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you were sleeping.
It’s october, 2020.
where have you been?

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>b-but capo said ..
>wait,it was all a dream?
>there is no capo?
>capo can't hurt me anymore?

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runs out and spends life savings on Doge, Shib and Sol

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Insurance companies are about to rugpull the entire housing market. On Jan 1 2024, major home insurance carriers are going to be pulling out of 35+ states, underwriting criteria getting WAAAAY more strict and unless you’re preferred you’re not getting coverage. Standard and non standard people are screwed. A person cannot buy a home without insurance. Hedge funds have no such restrictions. Probably not a coincidence. California will be the hardest hit by the insurance changes.

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I was all in on Chainlink, was down maybe 50-60% from my ATH on Chainlink's pump in August but kept on holding, was happily waiting for the next crypto bullrun in 2021 and was prepared to sell when LINK hit $100

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Kek good times

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not from the defi summer meltdown but I'm dropping it in here anyway for the lulz

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>Getting kicked back through the covid times
please no.

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quite possibly one of the most deadly FUD threads of all time

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