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Today I used crypto to... to uh...um.

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get rich, faggot

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Bobo sent me 2 LTC for gummies, don't listen to his BS

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>fight for zog or get your account seized.

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make street shitters seethe
worth every penny

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Today I used crypto to keep my net worth in stables to protect myself from the hyperinflation of my country's (shithole) currency

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Today I used crypto to gain exposure to T-bills thus protecting myself from some inflation while having still having that capital liquid for trades or buying goods/services.

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meme answers only, kek

so you used USD basically.

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Today I used Monero (aka the only TRUE cryptocurrency) to pay for a year license of an icelandic domain name via 1984 dot is. Take that faggots

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btc is 14 (fourteen) years old and there's still no widespread use for it other than speculation. just lol.

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Used bitfuck to pay for protonmail retard Lmao

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I am planning on using Maker to borrow against my ETH, and build a house on the land I bought with my 2021 profits. Maker only works if the collateral retains value.

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I paid for Mullvad VPN, 4chanpass and TRS subscriptions using crypto. Actually a lot easier than creddies, just don’t get points.

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Do you go down town to your local super market and use small gold nuggets to get some bread ?

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what does that have to do with crypto?

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>Today I used crypto to... to uh...um.
get richer
make retards seethe

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For me, it's the transaction fees. I just like to use crypto to pay $30-200 transaction fees. Really makes me feel like I'm living in the future of finance.

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Do you use gold on a daily basis ? I have never used gold in my 34 years of living. Why is gold worth anything ?.

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what does that have to do with crypto?

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I thought Nazis loved fighting hehe

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>I have never used gold in my 34 years of living.
yeah you have, you just don't know it. Ever used a microwave or a cellphone or just about anything electronic? Pretty sure since you're typing here you have.

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evade taxes

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Are you retarded ?

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>nooo you can't actually point out how I use it
are you?

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Today I used crypto to short the globohomo western fiat currency.

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ah yes, the one and only use case.

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>he paid to post to this shithole

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>reeee im poor af
>fuck niggers who can buy shit

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>he pays for a free service

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BTC is Money, not currency, it doesn't need to scale, it doesn't need to be used transactionally. Currency gains from being made of Money, but Money gains nothing from being used as currency. All of global finance will be Bitcoin's L2.

Core to Money is the store of value, but of course you can't actually store value. So how does money accomplish this function? By being a difficult thing. If I only trade my goods and labor for something I know is difficult to produce/procure, I stand a good chance of being able to trade that thing for roughly what I paid for that thing in goods/labor. I am storing the value dispersed within the economy. It should be obvious that while any difficult thing can be money, only some will be well suited and very importantly, have the network effect, to develop significant monetary value (premium over it's difficulty cost). Bitcoin is simply better Money than what we're had available, gold & equities (Equity Premium "Puzzle" is the product of partial monetization of equities post-gold standard). Network effect guarantees BTC will be The Money as it's the oldest and most compute intensive, and largest, BTC will continue to grow because economic calculation is enhanced by having a good Money (price carries information, fixed unit of account reduces variables) and a good Money needs a large capitalization.

This halving will be the beginning of hyperbitcoinization, as it marks the inflection point where BTC's inflation rate permanently falls well below that of gold's mining inflation (2%). BTC will stand alone as the hardest Money, at all points after this halving BTC will only ever be a better and better fixed unit of account.

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>gold is 10b (ten billion) years and there's still no widespread use for it other than speculation. just lol.
The absolute state of statist shitcoiners. Understand the economic function of Money (store of value) and you'll realize BTC's worth and that BTC is in use in a cold wallet just as gold is in use in a vault or in a jewelry box

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>he's so poor his time is worth less than $20/y

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>>gold is 10b (ten billion) years and there's still no widespread use for it other than speculation. just lol.
why do you tard keep trying to compare Gold to Bitshit and crypto? such a retarded spin.

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Even the people that want to use crypto can't use it. kek

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See: >>57074238
Gold's value is as Money, gold is one of, of not the best, natural monies, but it's value is all monetary, that is, gold's value is how well it functions as money. BTC is simply better Money than the natural monies, BTC has better Money fundamentals than gold, it is truly scarce (gold has significant mining inflation), trivially easy to authenticate, physically indestructible, you can prove you control a given quantity remotely & trustlessly, and most importantly has the network effect to hold the position as Money. The properties of BTC are too valuable to not be used, it behoves us all to use a truly fixed unit of account as it facilitates efficient economic calculation, no other crypto can overcome BTC's network effect, so BTC will be that fixed unit of account.

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profit from the eternal greed of humanity

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Bitcoin is a speculative gambling token. The entire point of it according to the creator was to be a currency to replace what we have now, at that it has completely failed. The FED and government are very happy with it they way it is, usless.

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Lightning network and Coinjoin are not solutions to anything you fucking dumbass.

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Literally everywhere at least in the west crypto is being regulated in the same way as fiat. XMR and the likes won't be allowed for any legal transactions due to being noncompliant in its very nature.

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i paid for my single family house with chainlink gains lol i also use staking earnings to buy amazon gift cards. it sucks you have no idea how to translate crypto into real life but hey youll get it one day! pic related is you lmfao

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government regulating crypto because they know it's not a threat.

>I used USD to buy a house and amazon gift cards!
uh okay

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retire before my hair turns gray

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epstein would find a use for something that old

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It's Money (store of value/unit of account), removing Money from currency does not reduce economic demand for this function

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>This halving will be the beginning of hyperbitcoinization
Why are maxipads always like this?

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Buy gift cards for Japanese iOS games in yen.

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kek. But in all seriousness I'm about to pay an artist to draw me lewds.

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>physically indestructible
>analysts estimate half the bitcorns already lost forever
the future of finance ladies & gents!

PS : all your others points are moot and easily disprovable fallacies. BTC will never be money. The difficulty is relative. The tech is beyond outdated. It stores zero value. It's deflationary, which is a death sentence to any money.
It's nothing but a glowniggero-talmudic tool of control used in hegelian dialectics for the control of finance. NSA and banksters are behind BTC and everybody with a brain knew this for over a decade.

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I recently used crypto (Monero) to buy and have MDMA mailed directly to my house. I will use that MDMA to have fun at an underground rave during New Years and fuck the shit out of my girl afterwards. Thank god for crypto

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while we are on the subject, I was just thinking about how if I died today, no one would ever be able to recover my coins. they would be lost forever.
how does BTC account for this collective loss? scarcity is nice and all, but BTC can't be infinitely divided. the smallest possible unit is one satoshi. so how can it be a worldwide money system with a continuously decreasing capped supply of indivisible units

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>It's a fixed unit of account, which is a death sentence to any fixed unit of account
What did the statist slavemind mean by this?

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Nice. Happy New Year, brother. Personally prefer sex on LSD, but mdma sex is still damn fine. Never forget that XMR is to individual transactional freedom as BTC is to systemic economic freedom. BTC is not about avoiding the memetic parasite like XMR, but about collaring the parasite once and for all

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Chuck E. Cheese tokens basically, only exchange when you use. Nobody carry’s chick e cheese tokens wherever they go…

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Today, I made KIMBER my best bet. With their IDO listing happening in the very near future, KIMBER is the world's first diamond-backed cryptocurrency.

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why would i want everyone else to have as much money as i do
i guess my house is speculation