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Does the energy feel kind of "off" to anyone else atm?
Something is looming

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BTC is about to crash to 12k (caprogrammed)

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I feel it too. My cat's been looking at me funny.

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Yeah dogezilla v2 is gonna moona soona

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yeah a bullrun is looming but it's going to be a weird one

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Yes, just from the board alone. I can't put my finger on it.

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Idk but some bluechip threads keep getting deleted and the daily avax spam stopped I guess for the holiday break

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I miss my avaxchans

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exactly what I'm thinking

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dw rajesh will be back on the job after a well deserved village Christmas

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I don't think hindus celebrate christmas

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It's because you're about to see a god candle to 52k this weekend.

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probably this.

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We're about to go into a recession far worse than 2008. All assets will crash. BTC will go to $12k.

With dog coins and shit coins like SOL and even ETH now pumping, it's the most obvious top ever.

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Mercury is in retrograde btw

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holy fuck kys maren

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you stole my joke im gonna dox you and kill myself in your front door

ofc youre gonna feel something is off nothing said here makes any sense or is cohesive, just brainless shills and fud, at least in beoble they make sense lol

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kys, nothing about this shit ever makes sense no matter the platform, thats a cope