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It's over. I lost all my money betting on the wrong horse and now i have only 100 dollars left. This board sucks btw, can't remember the last time something was posted early.

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Thanks for playing. Please come again!

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>can't remember the last time something was posted early
ICP was posted too early.
Lucky for you, there is still time. We just recently hit the bottom and are heading up to $2,000.

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Shameless dog

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this isn't a pump group. pay me if you want financial advice. i'm just here to celebrate my superiority over nocoiners.

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How much did you lose?

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crypto destroys lives

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You still have a chance if you werent a nigger but alas not many will get ti

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you're still early, hope you're not like the rest of these niggers

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oh fuck off faggot, ive back here and buying since november and all my coins are pumping harder than a nigger raping a white girl behind a dumpster

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>can't remember the last time something was posted early
there are 2 good threads up of early coins that promise gains, but not if you hold trough a 5x instead of waiting for a 100X like a retard

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doesn't even matter if you believe me or not, I just want to give you hope:

The same thing happened to me, literally. Down to
$100 from $200,000, I went all in to $BBBY last year right as it peaked. Yikes haha

But I built my way back up, because I don't have a job. Yes from that $100. Just do some boring swing trades, make $20 a day for a while until you've got $500... then $50 a day.. $60... keep going... get lucky. It doesn't matter in the end, you'll always find a way to make *some* money.

The choice is yours, but remember... no risk no reward! Good luck, and I hope you can make your way back up friend.

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Put your last 100 into Dogezilla and you will make it

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>This board sucks btw, can't remember the last time something was posted early.

read more threads i guess. it was only 2 days ago that safebonk was shilled here. i saw it and didnt buy but im not gonna blame the board, i fumbled. so you either didnt read enough threads or you fumbled too

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I remember:
Yesterday was Yotoshi, also Bonk, Kaspa, FTM, Link (2018-2019)…

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>$100 from $200,000, I went all in to $BBBY last year right as it peaked. Yikes haha

You have to be trolling

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. I know it won't help much but there is a low cap altcoin called FUSE that is integrating with polygon next year, the market cap is only 16M and has a dedicated team behind it. Would recommend looking into it fren.

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wholesome and whitepilled

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Nice try but we all know that’s a whiteboi, a linksissy to be precise.

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>We just recently hit the bottom and are heading up to $2,000.

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"I think i will buy this crypto currency where they are able to print as much as they want, its 100% going to do a time 200x im sure of it"
>Classic i see pisse holder.

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oh look a brainlet

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I don't even know how to make 20 a day. How do I even learn that skill?

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SafeBonk was posted here 2 days ago at 17k. You fucking retarded nigger how could you miss the 200 shill threads

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Kys then

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Fuck I wish I had gotten in at 17k but at that early it's likely a rug. I bought yesterday at 1mil. I can see stuff happening with the site etc. Waiting for the tubers to start shilling it

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in 2021 I lost all my money, I was in debt and I didn't make it, and yet I still recovered
it's just a setback, nothing is lost as long as you can move and think about what to do, even now I can have things like a XOR card without worrying about more debt

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Maybe gambling is not for you.

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While oyu were haphazardly watching PUA videos on youtube and jerking off to egirls I was buying FTM in 2017

Snooze you lose

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You went this far on the wrong horse.
Look bud, I might have $124k in crypto, but only about 10% of it is in anything risky. The rest is all smart contracts and held for quick plays.

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Get in on safebonk anon.
Solana Casino is making millionares rn but safebonk is the only sure bet.

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I am 39.

I have no woman, I have no house, I have no money and live paycheck to paycheck. When will it be my turn to be on top bros? I'm tired of the grind, I'm tired of this life, just very very tired that's all.

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Coq was shilled here early

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i sold 100k ftm for $900
that was my ticket and i blew it

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>assuming niche insults out of nowhere
ok, projecting wannabe pua egirl simp

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Why are you betting on horse racing?

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Not when the future of diamond ownership is here, and it's called TNFTs. Join the KimberLite ecosystem, and experience a revolution in the world of diamonds like never before.

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Get back on RAIL and SOL and reclaim your loses in the next cycle.