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>Sell your car and buy a horse

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You ever fucked horse pussy? I would ditch my car in a heartbeat.

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Horses are more expensive than cars though.

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Whoah sir, a horse is way more expensive to maintain than a used Honda.

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Maybe sell your house and live on your horse. Grazing public lands and eating roadkill.

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Nah, fucking exhaust pipes is better. More pushback and the fumes get you high. Unless you feed the horse laxatives and set it up facing the edge of a cliff, but then that's just too much work

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OP is a retard as usual
Selling the car to ride public transport or a bicycle would have made more sense

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>Sell your car and buy a hearse
>He isn't transporting the dead with each journey

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>Rent your horse to others while you're at work

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..incredibly based
little unknown fact about horses, if you have 2 of them, you can make infinite of them. god giveth.

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>putting a mango in your mouth costs money. But having a man go in your mouth earns you money.

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We live in a society that forbids mare prostitution and then wonders why men are dropping out.
No hussy no work.

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>Breed horses

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feed it rice and beans, harvest the CO2 emissions

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>save your toothpaste spittle in a jar all year
>use to make own peppermint bark for Christmas
>give away as gifts

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>oh no I have a monthly credit card bill my life is le ruined
The fattest people I know love this fucking guy

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Why do you hang out with fatties?

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He's American.

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this retard said he would turn down a billion dollar interest-free loan
why anyone takes him seriously is beyond me

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>Sell your car and let your neighbor fuck you in the ass bareback to make extra cash

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>you can sell the manure as fertilizer and use the pee as toothpaste.

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I would love any fucking moving vehicle to get the fuck outta this state.

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Sell your car and live in the woods

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a horse is unironically more expensive tech

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you mean methane?

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glad finally people are understanding the draw of hussy.

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>sell your $90k SUV/truck that you pay $1000/month in interest
>buy a Corolla for $8k in cash
Wow guys idk sounds like a bad idea to me

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>Wear your sister's clothes to save money