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So many GCL nigz with fat bags waiting to dump on you. Shameless, especially that nigga manju.

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What happens then?

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i spent some time on the tg because I was getting interested but damn so much speculation and back and forth on approaches going forward there is not much to this project, seemed very amateurish not having everyhtin figured out is fine but this project is rather old, so I am out.

this most likely

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explain what it does and why token is needed and why is it still such a low mc if it's such a good project

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It's an oracle network, indexing and iot blockchain solutions provider and they are currently developing this decentralized system for the aforementioned services and it can validate different types of data among other things. The token is proof of stake, you stake tokens on the decentralized Unchained network, miners do the same thing. Miners are rewarded tokens from the sum of tokens you staked to pay for the data validation, oracles, indexing, or any other requests
Why isn't it larger mcap? Ask yourself that. Make a thread about this yourself and watch the FUD pour in, stinky linkies hate this token

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He made his own programming language and you think that's FUD?

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lmao I tried asking about the project with it's name and I got fucking banned lmao what did you jeets do to get the jannies so mad at the mention of the projects name? "Your post contained banned text"

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Maybe it's got something to do with the fact jannies are link bagholders

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Soon soon.

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What is happening at that date

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please frens what is make it stack

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1 milly

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my coins on bnb are worth zero now because faggot niggers wanted to be hip and cool and relaunch on a fucking arbitrum.... a fucking arbitrum. Never looking back at this retarded pajeet shit

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Amateur dub 0.

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go shit in the street

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You stink faggot no one cares about your envy.
Go stink somewhere else and let anons make money.

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>jeet can't add contracts to his wallet

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so comfy bros, can't believe I found this gem. Finally early on something.

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I ape’d 500k kns$. What can I expect to make?

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Wow very organic posts pooyah. You’ve got your entire village posting

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Are you the infamous ser gay

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>Red ID
>No dubs
>Hates KNS enough to FUD it
Just as expected from someone who is not gonna make it
At the marketcap of The Graph-$744,750
The difference is that this coin is better and The Graph is currently at 48th in marketcap and a coin that has been pumped hard already

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I will always feel bullish when the threads on /biz/ do badly
Tells me the smart ones are still acoomulating and don't want to let anyone know about this yet and the dumb ones don't just buy in only to hurt the price every 2x it does

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>this desperate to bump your own thread
lol pooyah, keep trying.

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Yes I am le Pouya ser give me ten thousand rupees

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Low cap gems confuse the redditor.

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>Entire village posting
>just Pouya posting

Which is it dude?
Chainlink to 0
So why do you stay in the thread bumping again?
Because you know KNS will kill your shitty coin

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Where to stake, I've just been holding like a retard

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I'm not buying this shittoken but props for using a beretta 92fs in your meme

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Websitename /stake