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20$ waiting room

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not looking

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calm your tits
nothing is happening

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22 EOW

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it was $6 three months ago. wtf is wrong with you greedy fucks? you're like heroin addicts

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Almost all coins have 2-3x minimum by now, chainlink is supposed to have 3 figure potential if not 4 but it’s crabbing and bleeding because of the team. Meanwhile solana goes from 20 bucks to 80 in the same time chain went from 9 to 14

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Why are all the tables and chairs in this waiting room red with Avax logos?
Did they not clean up the last party!?

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loool. Everything is up much more than that and trust me it will still be like that at the end of the bull.

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>4 digits

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>chainlink is supposed to have 3 figure potential if not 4
Is that your thought or did someone implanted it in your brain? Think hard about it

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>Almost all coins have 2-3x minimum by now
in last 3 months
LINK is up 112%
BTC is up 62%
ETH is up 38%
Everything else is dogshit i wouldn't invest in, anyway. You can blindfold yourself and play pin the tail on the donkey with shitcoin moves but don't expect us to, moron

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this kills the fuddie

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you seem to like cherry picking, how about doing september 2017 to today

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This is why you’re poor, in wallet and mind, the coins don’t matter, at all. It’s just tech nobody but virgins care about. It’s not about the tech it’s about the money, so why if avalanche is worthless? It went from 20 to 40 in the time link went from 9 to 14. So what if sol is a scam? It’s currently pushing through 82, it was 20 when chainlink was pushing double digits.

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Let's just assume for a moment this is true.

Do you think you're the first person to think they can time the market hopping from shitcoin to shitcoin catching the biggest pump? Put it to practice and see how you do.

I guaran-fucking-tee you that 9.9/10 times the person who wins over time is the person who picks a GOOD hold and just sits on it. And I can guarantee this because there is tons of data that studies this exact thing and we know objectively this is true.

The sheer fact is that buying and holding LINK has worked out extraordinarily well for people. Shitcoin/pump chasing is a casino game where most lose or at best don't really pace with the market.

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>5 to 15
>8 to +70
>8.6 to +40
kek baggies

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Now do 3 years ago

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Nah it doesnt. Links pump this year was delayed. If you back to late ‘22 early 23 link got crushed.

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THE Cuckolds of crypto

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Statistics don’t really matter in most aspects of life. I’m sure you’re right but most people are fucking retarded so those stats only apply to retards. But yeah holding some coins can pay off nicely which is the only reason why I’m holding 5k Chain at all, I’m sure it’ll hit a 10x eventually (from the 5bucks I bought at). But I’m also putting money in the shitcoins because they pump more. In retrospect it would’ve been nice to put those 5k link in solana instead. But as you said, it’s difficult to hit the right one sometimes

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>sol 70
Try 83 and pumping

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who could have predicted this

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>the team

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it's called being a shareholder, not that you crypto retards would know anything about it as you're used to being exit liquidity to an illegal market

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>being a shareholder

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they may owe us nothing but we owe them contempt

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say that again you jewish nigger

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>butthurt paid advocate

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how's your sex life?

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No, because you have zero idea which of these piece of shit tokens is going to moon next, despite pretending in hindsight, ALWAYS in hindsight that you did. The poor people are those who listen to your fudding ass.. But keep trying to persuade us to sell our Link because you clearly love us all so much and care for us kek

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Daily reminder that there are people on this board who spend all day, every day trying to get you to change your mind about being invested in Link. Ask yourself why someone might do that.

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Fuck YOU

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lol thanks i was wondering. well im going to buy now.

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>LINK is up 112%
This is a good sign to jump on other oracles like SUPRA and DIA.

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Won't let Morons fool me into buying LINK when there are top alts with green candles everywhere.

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why cant these fucking retards advertise LINK? should be top 5 right now.

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i just feed out my profits for today selling and buying link

i wasnt joking when i said i was buying. lol

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Yngmi except ENS, HBAR and QANX

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>spends all day fudding Link
Yeh I believe you don't hold Link kek you're a Link maxi like all these boring fudcunts

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Solana was 10 and AVAX 8, shut the fuck advocate

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Is this the new top "le OWNED" counter on your faggot advocate discord. I can tell you I'm ready to give Zach a good buttfucking in his pink hole like he would enjoy it.

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Sirgay is white. Never forget.