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>*checks the chart*
>*shoots himself*

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pretty sure his recent analysis predicted this pump

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He's wrong about 12k, but he's right that it dumps. We'll see it around 35k again.

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it's not the first time this has happened to me, I've tried 15 times to recover my shit, now I want to see if the power of 2008 helps me with SPX

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He's not right because 35k is a moderate correction whereas 12k is downright apocalyptic

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We saw the dip down to 40k so he was obviously correct but /biz/ is just jealous of his success I guess and wants to hate

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Still short and strong bullcùk

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beoble told you we weren't crashing. /biz/ told you we weren't crashing. x told you (except for this fucking retard) that we weren't crashing.

how many more indicators do you need to just fucking buy and stop being a god damn bobo nigger.

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Now that's me

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you broke the first rule of psychotrading anon, never check the charts.

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this board isjust suifuel gooning material all around

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bro you are the one who should be shooting himself right now

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Now that's a good rule, you just trade until you die

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People makes mistakes, its not like biz or anyone actually owns the truth.
Remember even a clock without batteries can give the time

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stop making threads about this guy, he's been wrong for the past 12 fucking months, please ignore him.

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>says the cuck while we are crashing at this very moment

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i prefer the btc at 35k than to be suffering with the prices of 2 years ago. when it was at 16k i was about to sell.

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I'm a 100k in profit for now.
One big pump and I buy that flat.

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what he didn't predict was that dump immediately.

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t-then how do you... h-how do you ummmm forecast

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psychotrading is garbage invented by academies to sell courses.

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cuck behavior

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no, i wont ignore him fuck you

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save a bullet for me too please.

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>>57043166you ask for too much

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ffs, chudfuck kys already

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it sounds like you want a little dick

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someone fall for my bait please, I worked hard on it.

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Being a contrarian didn't pay off did it.

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Beoble didn't tell me shit I can't get in that fucking platform and X did tell me we were going to keep dumping it wasn't only capo. You are literally obsessed.

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No, if it's not a racebait you won't get replies.

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Techno Viking has spoken!!

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