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with the salary of an average wagie I can't do shit without falling into student loans, and this doesn't assure me a fucking future, just a probability, I'd better settle for $CORN and start living on a pension

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long-term college is a well-planned government scam

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if you want a good education you have to pay for it, doesn't sound like a bad trade

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Why do you fuckers keep thinking about student loans? you just make me remember that I owe 9 salaries to pay for that

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Honestly any plan that has unicorns in it sounds like a decent one, fuck collage

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>living on a pension

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well you're not so wrong, i'm an accountant and i still don't have a job, i was in that hell for 5 years and still nothing

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skill issue

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fuck you dude i pass with honors

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it must be nice to live with a giant debt you didn't even need, right?

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is corn the way out of waging forever boys?