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ITT: Come up with a plot for a movie related to crypto that you'd watch.

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A camwhore accepts crypto. But one of her schizo fans gets mad that she doesn't accept XMR. So he hunts her down and kills her.

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Some guy mines Bitcoin in the early days, makes a bunch of money, and has a vision. He opens his own exchange, which is difficult, he learns tough lessons in opsec and HR, but pushes through it. Becomes wealthy, continues his op, but as the political climate heats up around crypto, he gets death threats from activists, gangsters, and terrorists, but he keeps pushing, with a full private security team. Eventually he starts getting cryptic messages from what he perceived to be government organizations and people with immense political power. He's in over his head and he knows it. He sets up a successor and leaves the industry in search of peace and quiet, but the cryptic messages continue, he sees gang stalkers but can't tell if it's real or imagined. He secludes himself on an island after buying off the local government, but his paranoia continues as every visitor or local seems a threat, and his paranoid delusions reach a crescendo in a home invasion. As his security team is picked off one by one, he rushed to his safe room with a pistol, cowering in a corner. He has a mental breakdown, and reaches his own personal abuse, but soon after realizes his delusions are in his head. He watches the security feed in his safe room and sees his security team manning their regular stations. Confused, and disappointed in his loss of sanity, he leaves his safe room and walks to the balcony overlooking the beach, breathing a sigh of relief.

He is then executed by an unknown figure in full operator gear, and the camera pans out to the death and destruction of his home and security team.

The end.

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I'd watch this one.

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what if like the main character gets a phone call that he'll die in 7 days after buying some shitcoin called rose and like on the 7th day a spooky chink comes out the telly and scares the living shit out of him

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Guy builds an empire by mining bitcoin/eth with stolen electricity like that based anon in the hotel room. A rollicking comedy full of hijinks as he gets his buddies involved and federal agent, kind of like an inspector javert character, is tracking them and keeps getting foiled. Try and get some celebrity cameos, Peter Schiff, Max & Stacy, maybe Vitalik. It will be like Harold and Kumar 2 meets Hackers meets Boondock Saints

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Seth Rogan buys an NFT from his friend James Franco for a couple of marijuana joints. Little does he know, that NFT actually was stolen from an Arabian prince. An epic chase ensues around the globe as the two friends get into all sorts of whacky scenarios.

Please mail me my check for this.

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romano story
>may include eas eating scene

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The main protagonist is a fat asian named Jimmy Zhong who was bullied as a kid. He hacks a lot of crypto from the Silk Road and lives a terribly frugal life and almost looks like a NEET, doesn't have any friends other than ones that he could buy and wouldn't look like somebody with a large fortune as he lives in a modest house with almost no furniture. His only friends he gets to open up to are federal agents that would later on discover his large crypto wallet.

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You log into 4channel dot com one morning to check your profile's crypto wallet. You find that you now have over 400 million worth of assorted crypto. You realize a massive hack has occured an the money has been sent to your account for some reason.Then it dawns on you. You weren't using incognito mode. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME AND ARE NOW LOOKING FOR YOU. At that moment simultaneously, a banging at your door starts and your phone starts ringing. You're freaking out and feel like you're about to faint. Out of the corner of your eye you see one unread message in you inbox. It's from Sergei Nazarov and bluntly states

>If you want to survive follow these exact instructions

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part 2 soon as I get the funding

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Needs to follow 3 dif perspectives. Need a thirty-something Millennial, twenty-something Zoomer, and a Boomer. Their lives intersect in crypto, and they ultimately wind up in Thailand and fuck ladyboys, along with some other hijinks.

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Dominiqius Rutherfort Smith is a young genius african american living with his single mother in Compton and starts getting into some gang shit until one day his friend is killed by a racist Korean shop owner while they were trying to rob the store. His mom spends their meager savings from her 3 jobs to buy him a computer and gives him a loving but stern lecture about getting out of the hood and not becoming a statistic, then he invents bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Satoshi Niqqamofo

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If dubs /biz/ funds this with profits after the golden bull

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I was daydreaming about some rethink unfriended version when instead using skype victims where chatting on a beoble group, and since app lets other users see your current holdings, suddenly a D0b0 maniac join them and start chasing and killing all those who refuse to buy his bags.
Yeah Fucking insane

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Is a hijink a tall ladyboy?