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Mining Mommies Edition

Commodities include
>Precious metals
Platinum, Gold, Silver
Oil, Natural Gas, Uranium, Coal
>Base Metals
Copper, Nickel, Zinc
Water, Agricultural, Salt

More information for each commodity
Calculators for DD
Steer Clear List
News Sources

>Youtube channels to follow
Kitco Mining, Crescat Capital, Hedgeless Horseman, Mining Stocks Education, Crux Investor, Metals Investor Forum, Resource Talk, Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, Palisade Gold Radio, Sprott Money, Goldsilver pros (Rob Kientz), Peter Schiff, Macro Voices
>Canadian junior press releases

>What is Austrian economics?
>What has government done to our money? - Murray Rothbard
>The mystery of banking - Murray Rothbard
>Profit & Loss - Ludwig Von Mises
>Must Read: Gary Allen, "Hunt for Silver"
>How to play the exploration stock
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Give me your best low market cap gems before the precious metals bull run begins. Something sub 100 million market cap. I need enough money to support a qt miner gf.

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>about tree fiddy
it's literally 350k

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Also if you want to make some mining gf pictures here's the website.


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The previous thread is nowhere near filled, faggot.
Fuck you and fuck Bayhorse.

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65.5K Bayhorse, 21K Silver Bullet in gambling account. 150K Bayhorse, 15K FSAGX,5K SILJ, 1K GDXJ, 1K AG, 1K EXK - in retirement account. 5k+ oz Physical Silver, 25oz Physical Gold, and 15oz Platinum.

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Bayhorse is riding without you. Please cope and seethe.

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>JuSt AnOtHeR 200% aNd We BrEaK eVeN
Horse shills are scum of the earth.

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Post gains or shut the fuck up.

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Fuck you, faggot shill.

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Seriously, the greens want us all dead


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mine lolis > mine mommies

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it was only a matter of time once they decided that methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas that someone would remember it's produced by every living thing on the planet
we need to kill everything to stop everything from killing everything

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Get raked faggot leaf - I've made more today than your whole life savings.

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Why don't I believe you?

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Well, funny that one picture is CAD and the other is USD. I don't care if you believe me or not - I am doing fine without your low IQ insights...

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>assumes I'm a leaf because I have a CAD company
>doesn't know how to sell USD for CAD
>cites IQ
Post Silver Bullet losses.

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None currently, since they are unrealized losses. Maybe down around $1000 on Silver Bullet, it is producing and has high grades - it will run at some point. All fiat and stocks are currently funny money anyway - go watch 'The Great Taking'...

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It includes my CAD balance, you retard.
Show SB losses.

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I like the Asians. I feel like the blondes would reject me even after I made it.

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>None currently, since they are unrealized losses.
Then you have no BHS gains by that logic.
Peter Clausi and Carter are fucking crooks. You will find out the hard way with SBMI.

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What are you invested in if you hate everything else?

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I don't shill while I'm still accumulating. I'll tell you what I'm invested in when I'm ready to sell.

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Nope. I just hate Bayhorse and GO. Once BIG releases it's overdue and less-than-stellar assays (probably after hours on Friday 22 or 29), BHS is going back down the toilet.

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The two sock puppets shilling BHS in here have no effect on the SP, nor do I.
I just like shitposting about this lifestyle scam.

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Michael Oliver and Rick Rule interviews.

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It's beautiful.

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Vielen Dank

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quick ore post before bed

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Have a quick ore post before bed.

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>104 adult volunteers
I'm surprised they didn't use three mice, as usual.

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>"Gary says and Gareth Soloway says gold is the place to be in 2023!!!! They are the best traders ever, dude!!!!!
>"Dude, Michael Oliver, who is literally an epic genius trader said Silver is on the verge of an EPIC melt up!"
>Tech stocks: all-time high
>Crypto: all-time high
>Small-cap stocks: mooning
>Gold: same price it was 3 years ago
>Silver: not even the price it was 3 years ago
>Miners: -90%

Surely, it's only two more weeks until /CMMG/ DUNKS on the world.

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None of them were wrong.

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>Dude, they weren't wrong just all of their predictions weren't right at all and anyone listening to them lost money, dude.

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100k bayhorse silver

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>Rio2 Secures Environmental Approval for Fenix Gold Project


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What's the difference between rio 1 and rio 2

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Peter Schiff live in a few house.


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100% BEX

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anyone else see Dolly Varden Silver taking over another large chunk of territory in their area?

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What happened, I last checked and miners were up around 2% why did they close down more than that?!

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Encore shifts listing from NYSE to NASDAQ, maintains $EU ticker

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Damn, how long is nat gas going to be down like this?

Very happy that I sold Trillion when I did

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Good or bad?

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Unprecedented market manipulation. If they do it again next year then I'll dump them but I don't care because I would have made the same investments anyways.

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Oil wells produce a higher proportion of gas as they mature. As the shale acreage ages, more drilling to maintain production produces more gas. This waste product then floods the market irregardless of price. And then the weather stays warm.

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Basically God has intervened. Natural gas will never be above 3 dollars again

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KOLD boi szn is here

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I would say it’s a positive since NASDAQ has a larger exposure than NYSE, but otherwise it’s negligible. It’s not as drastic as say going from otc/TSXV to the big markets, but I think it’s still an upward move. There may be some ETF implications, but I’m not 100% sure what that would exactly entail. I just know if it goes to $4.50 or lower I have 5K to reinforce my position, this is a rockstar of U stocks.

Patrick Ceresna and Market Huddle welcome Kuppy to talk Uranium, Oil and Housing markets. Great and quick listen

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Hidden Forces interviews Rory Johnston, and they tackle why Oil prices have taken such a large hit in Q3:


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investigate catalytic converter "recycling" companies

there is fencing of stolen goods happening at a massive scale, something must be done

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Tick, tock, Brunswick fag. Still so smug?

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Imagine not selling a GV pump.

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<--- Another gem from the lithium fag.

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“When you can’t go 5 minutes on YouTube without seeing a Rick Rule interview, he’s distributing. When you almost completely forget about him, he’s accumulating”

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Looks like a historically appropriate time to buy into commodities

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If anyone doesn't see the market manipulation in commodities they are blind. Banks are shorting or issues fake contracts to suppress commodities. The question is how long they can keep this up. Hopefully the "elite" and central banks can just get in commodities so they can finally allow them to go up and for us to finally profit.

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is it worth emailing RR to rate your explorer/junior????

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It doesn't hurt. You might can spam about his conferences or bank.

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Base Schiff "the southern confederacy didn't do nuffin"

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evening bumps.

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Somebody explain to me how uranium is at 90 dollars per pound, absolutely rocketing higher this past year and the equities are literally doing nothing or worse going backwards

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commodities prices depend on demand, stock prices depend on sentiment.

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And a lot of this is just traders and ETFs pushing spot up. Utilities like Duke haven’t even been panic buying in lieu of a potential Russian enrichment export ban lol

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>They were wrong because...
Still wrong.

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How do you set a sell target? I screwed myself back in '21 because my sell targets were wildly over optimistic.