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>i will fix your computer remotely fiverr ad
>Over 3000 reviews

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Some people don't hold crypto. And they give good reviews.

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I am too lazy to replace my broken power supply on my PC. What would it cost me?

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$150/hr + parts + tip. no refunds.

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>no refund
WTF? Is this some kind of burger land trickery? I can get that same service for like 50€ and get some kind of service guarantee.

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sometimes getting money is easier than you think.
I'm still looking for unicorns to see if $CORN will give me a 2x

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The price of your power supply + shipping. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes (depending on how tidy your cable work is) to change a power supply, so move your ass. Otherwise you'll pay for 15 mins of service and a base fee for the service fucker even coming to your house. Easily $50 depending on how scummy the repair folks are

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it work is a meme