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>Everyone in beoble is mega bullish for btc
>Everyone in biz is mega bearish for btc
Have you tried being a little more positive in life, guys? The negativity here is a little too much I think...

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/biz/ is always wrong. of course people here are bearish as fuck.

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90% of bobo threads are bait and made specifically for shitposting. Pay them no mind if you aren't in on the joke.

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Currynigger thread

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Everyone everywhere is mega bullish for btc, the fuck you talking about

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Can't really be possitive when dumping that much in so little time mate, but desu you shouldnt let them get into your mind.

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That's a little over reacted brother, no shillpost here, just DYOR. it's not really that hard to do a google search this days

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Yeah pretty sweer words anon, gotta remind you we're somehow turbodumping rn

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bearish for btc?? btc is glorified here wym

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As part of my trading strategy of being 9 figures long derivatives, I will potentially take a one day $25m+ loss.
Not everyone is built to prefer wealth.
And I've gone back and forth...
Asking myself the question.
wh𝕒t if?

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no space for positivity when youre BROKE

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nah biz reacts to the movements of btc. If we dump we get bear threats, if we pump we get oooooohhhh threats

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Everytime btc looses value everyone in biz loses its mind, don't know what tab you're reading rn.
Guess boomers and stockfags enjoy when cryptochuds are nervous about their consolidated assets and their possition
meanwhile many others keep going like pic related

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Every thread on this board fucking sucks...

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if its always wrong why are we still here and not on twitter or beoble itself

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If a little dick-dump like this means bankrupcy for you, that speaks really much about your past financial choices rather market current status.
Im sorry (not really) for you

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Ok but

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And this is the way it should be, aint no places for unstable niggers here.
Just retards and degens, ah lets not forget about linkies and their cope culture

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if you google what to do with a headache they will tell you you have cancer instead of whats based, which is killing yourself if your body shows any type of mundane weakness, so this is objectively, better than google

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you get good images from there when theyre not just variations of the fucking bear too

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Pajeets are actually getting paid for this, it has 0% to do with coping mate, get on real life.
Thank god we're looking for techies info instead medical diagnostics, Search engines are a tool, and tool can be easily misused, and you'd be the only one to blame.

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yep, thats biz on their max expression

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People on /biz/ are bearish on BTC? That's news to me, /biz/, as much as it's a hub for shitposting always feels a bit more pragmatic when it comes to BTC. I think there's more of an acknowledgement that BTC will correct for a while, at least until we get a bit more natural growth as we get closer to the halving. We may not see 120K BTC in 2024, but we'll be surpassing the previous all time high, and perhaps cap somewhere in the 88K range. The best thing that could happen is if prior to the halving we break 60K, if that happens, I'd say there's a much safer bet in being bullish and expecting something higher than 120K on BTC, but that's only if things turn out with the best outcome.

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how do i get a beoble invite?