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I sense a massive dump incoming

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The reason why you're retarded is because you can't sense things properly.
There is going to be an insane pump in the next week
Be prepared
>Frankie Mcdonald

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Go to the toilet then you retard

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shitters down the hall, to the left, not the right, that's my little sisters room.

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I sense a massive number go up number go down number go up number go down it’s over we’re back it’s over we’re back it’s over we’re back coming

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I sense it too. But it will bounce back. You gonna buy the dip?

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Mmm no, no i don't think another dump is happening anytime soon OP

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exit all markets

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Dont buy into op's fearmongering, most gems are still mooning

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Lying? on my /biz board? you know that won't save you from the mumus and their wrath right?

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Well I (me) sense a massive (HUGE) pump coming so shut the fuck up

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>I made it the fuck up

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Just at the perfect moment for me to add more kas, fun and ocean to my wallet

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>I sensed it