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Eat the dead mice that are caught by your mouse traps.

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If you're a single male, live in someone's tool shed in a trailer park for awhile

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Just find a good solid index fund that returns 20%+ per year. Yes, they exist. No, I won’t tell you any.

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>don't acquire debt
>pay your existing debt asap
>don't waste your money gambling on scams
See? It's easy to get rich.

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Burn trash in a steel barrel for warmth

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Learn how to harvest gutter oil.

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>sell the copper pipe in your walls to offset credit card debt

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Bad idea. Mouse traps are more expensive than the calories you would get from the mice.

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>he throws away perfectly good mice...

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They exist (in your head)

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Here is some good advice I learned over the years

>if you live in a city or in europe sell your fucking car and use a bike (also an investment in your health)
>Don't cheap out on electronics, cheap shit always breaks real quick (Keyboards, mice, headphones especially)
>don't ever eat out
>Buy food in bulk like canned fish, oats, seasoning, rice, potatoes
>never pay for subscription services, pirate that shit if it's possible
>only use on strip of toiletpaper, you won't need more since your shits will be nice and solid after eating oats and potatoes and other fibrous foods, or better, buy a cheap bidet
>dilute handsoap with water
>don't use a dryer, hang your clothes, saves tons in electricity
>put your main working station in a tiny room in your house that heats easier and cheaper in the winter
>never pay more than $10 a month for a smartphone internet service
>buy used clothes of good durable quality
>use soap for every kind of cleaning, or vinegar
>shave your armpits and ass makes them smell good longer saves on deodorant

Ask me about anything else I have tips for almost everything

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There is no debt. None to worry about anyway. Tech go into tech we all know what you are looking for. You know that is the right answer. Despite what intelligence you may or may not have, you are not attentive enough to make the right decision without inputs from a Mongolian basket weaving forum. Ok, fine. Go into tech. Everyone goes into tech. Everyone. Everyone and every last drop of human capital. There is not a profession left that will not lose out to tech. Everything is tech. Go into tech. 4 year degree, 200k a year starting. Perfect, literally perfect work life balance, i.e, work 2 hours a week and make the 200k a year everyone in tech makes. A doctor? A lawyer? An Engineer? An Architect? A Builder? A Fisherman? A Firefighter? No, Tech. Only tech. There is nothing else but tech like your mom one time said. Good job, great selection you figured it out. The end product of everything, every spastic with middling technical ability just goes into tech and gets six figures plus benefits, its perfect, nothing is wrong its a great idea. I love this there is nothing wrong.

Go into tech you will make minimum average of 240k tc starting before getting 350k year minimum tc average starting after about 5 years. More than enough to comfortably buy a house at 8 percent interest rates paying between 2 and 3k for a single family home built in 1912. Good job you figured it out. You went to school to learn this all and now you are learning it. This is how you go debt free. Just make 200k a year starting 240k tc starting average with stock options obviously. Learn something

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Alternatively, instead of watering down your hand soap and saving 75 cents how about you get a real fucking job that makes good money.

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Post more anon, how you lift being a cheapfag? dyel?

>how about you get a real fucking job that makes good money.
tsmt, having money is only real solution here everything else is cope