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I'll never not bump a dave bread

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Shut up grifter boomer

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>the only chainlink you need is a FENCE to keep your dumbass from walking out into the freeway

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>You're going to have to sell your bussy. 80 hours per week, until you're out of this hole you dug yourself

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Dave is one of those guys who made it but had no idea why (insider real estate parents, the personality and temperament to naturally drive and success, lucky birth date for long-term stock gains) and thus has no clue how to help anyone else. Dave either doesn't realize or doesn't care that statistically most will NOT make it.

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zomg haha tranny bisters did we just winnarino? lmao omg BUSSY IN A BAVE BREAD?!?!?! we finally did it. we finally made bussy relevant. omg I love pussy, I mean..buttholes..I love them so much I just imagine its a real vagina and its like so good pussy pussy pussy we gays love pus...err..bussy. we literally named our "favorite" hole as a homage to vaginas. god I bet Dave (who none of us trannies have ever listened to) suggests prostitution nonstop to get out of debt. haha we are so funny!!!

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I frequently say this, as do all my transgendered friends and colleagues

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BUSSY BUSSY its like PUSSY but with a B lmao the B is for boy butt haha so stinky and sometimes there's a little turdy wurdy in there but otherwise its basically just as good as a real pussy so now you can see we men ARE real women we have a butthole which is equivalently as good as their pussy otherwise it wouldn't be called a bussy thats what I always say!

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>he doesn't collect rainwater for that

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This guy will never make it past bussy step 1 on the tranny snowball

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>he doesn't pull himself out of the swap

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>Not repurposing your shits as fertilizer

/biz/ flushing money down the drain, yet again

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>Search deep under your foreskin, valuable nutrients can be found within

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>Sell your foreskin

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alright who's not eating rice and beans

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Tech go into tech we all know what you are looking for. You know that is the right answer. Despite what intelligence you may or may not have, you are not attentive enough to make the right decision without inputs from a Mongolian basket weaving forum. Ok, fine. Go into tech. Everyone goes into tech. Everyone. Everyone and every last drop of human capital. There is not a profession left that will not lose out to tech. Everything is tech. Go into tech. 4 year degree, 200k a year starting. Perfect, literally perfect work life balance, i.e, work 2 hours a week and make the 200k a year everyone in tech makes. A doctor? A lawyer? An Engineer? An Architect? A Builder? A Fisherman? A Firefighter? No, Tech. Only tech. There is nothing else but tech like your mom one time said. Good job, great selection you figured it out. The end product of everything, every spastic with middling technical ability just goes into tech and gets six figures plus benefits, its perfect, nothing is wrong its a great idea. I love this there is nothing wrong.

Go into tech you will make minimum average of 240k tc starting before getting 350k year minimum tc average starting after about 5 years. More than enough to comfortably buy a house at 8 percent interest rates paying between 2 and 3k for a single family home built in 1912. Good job you figured it out. You went to school to learn this all and now you are learning it.

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Get a nighttime job as a dishwasher. Free dinner if you don’t mind second hand food.

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I have a leak from the toilet's water tank that is so slow that wrapping it with a cloth can hold and evaporate the water. I'm just not gonna fix it. It's like a humidifier.