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I’m back to five figures again

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>I’m back to five figures again
You do mean you bought back in and now own five figures of LINK tokens, right?

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I don't understand why people buy this.
>sergay has 80 million more LINK to dump
>retail buyers need a break
>release staking pool
>>oh sorry retail buyers but general access is closed!
>dumps 4 million more LINK to suppress price
Yes, if you are staking it makes some sense. Or if you are one of these businesses taking LINK retail holders for a ride by using the service for free, it makes sense. But what do regular non-stake retail holders gain? It's just sad.
>pool's closed
>how's your sex life?
Yes I am upset that the pool's closed, but you should be too. Price will continue to drop from here if Sergay continues to dump on retail.

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Five? How does four sound?

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3 Figures? Look at the rich linkie with his 2 figure bag.