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There's this group on TG called "Early Club". They claim to be developing the memecoin of 2024. Launch expected in March 2024. Should I join? I think BONK is great, but this could be another one. The image is from their group

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You should fuck off, shill

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if 4chan OGs support this early club, it can go insane. Seems the team is legit

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why so angry? this is a life time opportunity my son

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Define 4chan og's
>Protip: you can't
Go back to telegram

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people who love memes and do anything for their freedom. no NPCs. people who don't vouch for banks.

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Had a massive crush on Emma until I discovered her complete and total lack of ass.

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Join and be happy in April/May next year son. don't deny your own luck

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I was never the ass type of guy. hard to relate. face>ass

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I’m a face + ass guy. Don’t care much about tits as long as they aren’t saggy, but I need face and ass to be top tier.

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no hate, tastes are different. but you're not gonna kiss her /look at her ass as much as you kiss/look at her face

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True, but when I’m looking into her beautiful face, I want to be gripping on a tight round butt. And when I’m hitting it from behind, I need to see said butt, and then her cute face looking over her shoulder. It’s not fair to her if my dick goes soft because her flat ass turns me off.

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Yeah we all have focus areas. For me feet are important. If nails are dirty or so, you'll see me run

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Can we talk about the project and not only about the gals?

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less organic thread than a twatter bot post

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I'm not a bot brother. It took me ages to get the captcha right, what are you talking about