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Give me one single reason why PEPE is a better investment than PEPEBRC.
Kek. Retards. You can't.

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Is PEPEBRC too difficult for you to buy, babygirls?

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Why can Normie PEPE bagholders never defend their coin? Even if you raid a PEPE thread and trash them, they're so shy snd retarded

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I hold pepe erc because it could do a potential 5x in the coming months

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>average pepe poster

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Bruh fuck these images and fuck this post

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It's a copy of the original.

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>It's a copy of the original.
Kek. This is why Normie PEPE bagholders are low IQ. PEPE ETH was minted April 17, 2023, and PEPEBRC was minted just 2 days before on April 15th. PEPEBRC is the original.
Its true! PEPE bagholders don't have one reason to buy their normie, already topped coin over PEPEBRC

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I don't hold sny pepe but pepe holders are doing a bad job here. I am monitoring this thread

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How much you think pepe brc can get to?

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Holy fucking cringe. Come on pepe holders

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Retard. P3pecoin EST 2016 is the OG

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Ρepecoin (Ticker: $ΡΕΡΕCOIN) mogs these

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>Ρepecoin (Ticker: $ΡΕΡΕCOIN) mogs these
Kek. Post your failed token's chat for the last few weeks and let's see if it beats PEPEBRC's.
No pepe beats PEPEBRC

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What is PEPEBRC? PEPEBRC is the original PEPE, minted two days before PEPE ETH (or normie PEPE). Here's a comparison:
Normie PEPE:
>network: ETH
>network: BTC
Normie PEPE:
>Supply: 420,690,000,000,000
>Supply: 42,069,000
Normie PEPE:
>marketcap: $560M
>marketcap: $10M
Normie PEPE:
>Ranking: #92
>Ranking: #2454
Normie PEPE:
>release date: April 17, 2023
>release date: April 15, 2023
Normie PEPE:
>potential gain: 10x
>potential gain 1000x

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Where did you pepecucks go? Aren't you gonna post your token's chart to mog us?
You came in so hard and confident...

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Damn bro. Sorry you bought wojak instead of PEPEBRC. You should have known it wouldn't do as well - there are always 10x more pepe images on /biz/. Wojak is kinda dead

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>How much you think pepe brc can get to?
PEPEBRC can literally do a 1000x from here. It only has a cap of 42,620,000. It will get listed on Binance within 2 months.