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Post your worst/funniest/stupidest/craziest job stories here.

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>be 15
>work at a small local zoo
>have to shovel rocks into a container
>guy comes and tells me what to do, then tells me when I'm done I can play with my balls or whatever
>think I misheard him
>need to ask him a question, visit him where they eat lunch and do paperwork
>there is a giant fucking dolphin dildo right on the fucking table
>saw the dude use the toilelt 40 minutes ago
>need to go to toilet
>go there, open the door, dude sits there reading papers since I saw him going in there
>could see his dick and balls
>tells me," OH anon you needed to use the bathroom to play with your balls? Don't worry I leave soon
>stopped going there the next day
>a few months later read he was arrested for having CP

I almost got molested that day, I am lucky