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The ICP ecosystem is the last 1000x-10000x youll see in this bullrun. Basically nobody except ICP cultists know about these tokens and they aren't even listed on CEXs.

My personal top picks:
>blue chips
>Origyn (ticker: OGY)
RWA on ICP. First altcoin to build on ICP and to be released on a CEX. Most trusted team on ICP, recently Gold DAO, which builds on OGY, was listed as an SNS.
Mcap: 100M USD

>Dragginz (ticker: DKP)
web3 game made by the Neopets OG team. Great tokenomics and die hard user base.
Mcap: 15M USD

>OpenChat (ticker: CHAT)
By far the best dapp on ICP. Growing community day by day.
Mcap: 20M USD

>low cap hidden gems
>Sneed (ticker: SNEED)
Deflationary payment token and 'blank canvas' DAO akin to the OG SNS-1. Run by bizlet anons. Biggest community on ICP currently. Recently got audited by the Origyn CTO.
Mcap: 1M USD

>Stack (ticker: $STACK)
Deflationary payment token, lower mcap copy-paste of Sneed's tokenomics but without the memes. Trying to be serious. Sonic DEX connections.
Mcap: 400k USD

>Windoge98 (ticker: EXE)
Top dogcoin on ICP. Run by a legit memecoin team that has d0b0 connections. Browser dapp is live, DAO soon.
Mcap: 200k USD

>Tendies (ticker: TENDY)
One of the first memecoins on ICP. Strong hardcore userbase. Worth to keep an eye on.
Mcap: 40k USD

DEXs on ICP:
iclight.io (only listing SNS projects)
icpswap.com (top community DEX)
sonic.ooo (less volume than icpswap but has an SNS)
Godspeed and good luck, anons, and remember to keep your pees safe.

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I see pee

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I find it hilarious that you would make this list without the first memecoin and first dog coin on icp! Idoge.
Idoge will probably be huge when the normans get a hold of it.

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Shitcoin casinos cause me too much stress, i'm just gonna stack and mint ICP

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idoge is a scam run by dklord98 (better known as dicklord in the ICP community) and his chilean mafia. Known grifters. It has 0 interest and is washtraded by 3-4 accounts waiting to rug.


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STACK is gay. EXE is based.

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Hot or not is gonna be2ygyda huge.

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if i buy icp, what can i do with it?

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To add more info: dklord89* a boomer grifter from Chile who has scammed biz before with OG medals NFTs (stolen memes, no promised airdrop)

Also idoge is just a fork of the public icrc1 Sneed contract with some washed boomer memes. Doesn't anything new. Avoid.

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how do i buy

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is brokestapu involved somehow? I've seen him in that tg and he's a shady figure, rumoured to be a dangerous scammer

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Serverless websites. First web3 dao (sns-1)

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Check OP

It's run by dicklord. All I need to know to avoid it like the plague

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I bought some ICP with my shib gains at like $25. Im still holding it because it really does seem like one of the better long term projects going, but I don't see why the memecoins and game tokens on its ecosystem would do much. It looks like mostly devs just messing around for fun.

Tell me why/how you think this ecosystem will see giant gains from it's coins. The recent ETH bridge stuff? Are there social media folks about to start pumping it? Airdrops? What do you know/think OP?

Help a humble anon who's made some good but also poor decisions over the years and is no longer tossing money at random shitcoins til he makes it lol.

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EXE is the play here. This is the one to hit 1000x statues.

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Does this look like 'messing around for fun' to you?


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as a lesbian African American trans person of color, i approve of all these colorful, inclusive tokens on the internet computer protocol.

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Idk what exactly that's alluding to. It seems like they're gearing it up to handle smart contracts, but I don't write code. I was basing my "screwing around" opinion on the fact that there's not much monetary movement on that ecosystem as a whole, but devs seem to like it. I had the impression it was more of a test net.

Can you explain it like I'm an idiot and also what's the sui stack for sneed and exe?

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i own 2,000 icp at a 3.80 average

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I own all of these except stack and tendy. Sonic is a decent shitcoin to buy imo

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It’s a fkn ghost chain. I wished I sold my Dragginz at 900 ICP now it’s 300….

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You should mint me an Nword pass on the blockchain

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If you didn’t see that coming you’re retarded

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tl;dr self-sustainable DAO ecosystem with a token designed to be store-of-value. 1 sneed sui, 10 make it.

I don't know so much about windoge but it seems to be a fun memecoin and the devs are based as well

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I guess I am retarded then

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Just buy DKP, OC, and OGY right now. Everything else is trash

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Unironically, people have been slurping up so much ICP across CEXs that most CEXs are running out of liquidity and are halting withdrawals as a result. They are buying BTC instead, moving it over to IC, and swapping it for ICP that way. So... Bitcoin has become an ICP altcoin.
picrel current sonic.

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very based

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>>56993034 Based Kim poster.

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OP, You didn't post link to gold-dao that's listed on the NNS Launchpad right now. It probably explains why people are dragging piss off exchanges. check it out, as it's powered by OGY, which you do have listed.

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>Gold DAO, which builds on OGY, was listed as an SNS.
still open for buy in. anyone grab this? what are your thoughts?

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wait to shill it until after the SNS stops the presale pls

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ideally, I've got many theories about the world and habbenings irt gold. BRICS nations moving towards Gold Backed Currency while the US buys gold en masse on the basis of "oxygenating mars". (Earth is flat, and you can't get to mars. stop it. it wasn't well poison.) Global economies have been going bust, and everyone everywhere has bee buying up gold. GoldDAO wants to make a StableCoin on IC that is 100% backed by gold. Either way, real world assets are going to be moved on chain. This is graduation. No more is just meme coins. Now is value. Now is slice of pie the entire world wants in on. Oh well, that's my thoughts. Do what you will, DYOR.

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icp is going to be the best shitcoin casino crypto has ever seen

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>bought an SNS-1 at 25 icp
>Staked it because I'm a fucking retard

I'm so scared of this crashing because lolneopets and its founder hanging out in discords, but I'm here until next year. Is sns-1 strictly dependent on Dragginz succeeding? Or is its usecase much wider? Spoonfeed me.

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You're so fucking retarded I don't even know where to begin. I'll spoonfeed you once you post your IQ test results

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>They are buying BTC instead, moving it over to IC, and swapping it for ICP that way
this thing alone is insane

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As a piss coin maximalist, this puts me in such a rough spot. because people buying BTC to swap it for ICP on dex means people have to lock more BTC in IC created canisters, which is good for IC in the long run. Also, all the swapping drove the price of BTC way down on the swap, so people have been overpaying in BTC for ICP.... which means... Now I have a shotload of btc... and i'm sad my pees are leaving. If everyone removed their BTC/ICP liquidity, it would force CEX prices to moon though, because from what i've heard, only Coinbase hasn't halted withdrawals (not claiming withdrawal state of any CEX currently)

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also, with the GoldDAO swap, the only way to participate is through the NNS, which could be the cause of people drawing all their ICP off CEXs

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didnt even stake for 100 years so wont get highest rarity rewards, but is scared of 1 year stake

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where the f do I go to talk about ICP coins and NFTs? Also anyone holding Motokos?

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Open Chat /biz/ group lmao

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I was on there for a bit was so gay

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i tend to agree

lol sorry brosef

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Do not buy SNEED. They're just recycling neuron maturity.

Check the archives for SNEED shills getting btfo for their obvious scam.

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no u

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Piss bros we are so back

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you can do sns stuff with plug wallet too if you do it on iclighthouse.

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confirms, thanks fren.

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I feel like a genius for DCAing into this since it was at $3.75

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ur a fuckin' rock star, and a rebel. All layer 2 shills are preparing their ropes.

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How did this reach $700 with such a big supply?

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it didn't. FTX sold ICP-PERP before the coin even launched, so exchanges listed it as such on release.

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this >>56994324
but also the circulating supply was 5x less on launch.

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can someone give me any major updates with dfinity/icp over the last 1-2 years? haven't been paying attention

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They put a computer on the internet

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HTTPS Outcalls(oracles), Direct BTC Integration, Direct ETH integration
Still in the works: VetKeys(user to user encryption) and Web Sockets(broadcast vs direct connection).

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thanks guys

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look at idoge's locked liquidity, windoge is a pajeet scam while idoge burned a lambo just because

which one you think the norman's will ape into, a run of the mill or a millionaire project.

dont even dare (you lil nigger) to sell your windoge and buy idoge

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Maybe just maybe you greedy jeets shouldn't have started the sail 30 minutes early before the deadline. Like holy shit this project alone stopped the entire momentum from DKP to SNEED to idoge. EXE made some decent gains but nowhere as near as what idol could have been if it had the same level of hype.

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Based knower.

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kys dicklord

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Faggot, Kraken has like 3 million ICP. Nigger.

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Kill yourself dicklord

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Btw, they do also have support for Chainlink and this was made clear by some faggot dev who said it would be useful for certain circumstances which require higher levels of security. So overall its a smart contract execution platform with solid tech that normies are fucking sleeping on. The ecosystem is going to have a wild fucking bull soon.

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tons of jeets were early to polygon, bullish.

>> No.56998655

If you think about it, the name is pretty awesome.

Not some retarded buzzwords. Just plai english, understandable to normies and fags.


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ones dev is an actual white american dev, the other is some asian hedgefund manager. hmm.

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I have to concur. SOL looks like this run's BNB casino.
I do like the look of Toyoworld, but it looks like a small team for the vision.

Absolute ballache to search for though.

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I bought some OGY yesterday because I read this thread. Now I will search for some more ICP related tokens, let me know if you find any ^^

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checked. ICP just broke $9.
I threw $150 at it. Thoughts on its potential / good exits?

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>normie'ing intensifies
>buys in after all the things he wants happens
>makes no money

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DKP bros i don't feel so good, ICP pump is destroying us

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Base is the new hotness for L2 memetokens. I'm thinking the bonk and other sol coins pumping/listing was engineered by CB to build hype for their own network.
I'm still intrigued by some of these ICP projects though, especially this gold dao one. Countries and international banks have been hoarding gold like crazy the past year and obviously a secure blockchain system to transfer it could be very useful. The utility of ICP (and chainlink) is the longer play for sure. I wish I knew more about the tech to make a more informed decision, but I guess that goes for anything.

>> No.57000877

>good exits?
considering you'll be on a 2 year vesting cycle I am not sure what to tell you.

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why is DKP dropping in ICP terms but CHAT is staying so strong? My limit order will never be hit.

>> No.57000905

because DKP is the only liquid alt. no one own has liquid CHAT to sell (all locked up)

>> No.57000907

Probably because of jeet airdrops, and in general because DKP has been really fairly and highly distributed at very low prices, idk about CHAT.
A lot of people into DKP has gotten it at very low prices.
This too probably, DKP is much more liquid compared to most other ICP tokens

>> No.57000930

>no one own has liquid CHAT to sell
presale final neurons unlock in a few months. They should be 4/5ths unlocked right now.

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Icy pissy makes my peepee feel funny

>> No.57001357

And how many of those 3M pees are in user accounts? Most. That's why the price is pumping, this is a liquidity shock.

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i only have 85 ICP

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ICP is basically the crypto version of amazon aws

>> No.57001482

extremely useful tech, i can see this ballooning to ridiculous prices

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Dscvr jeets

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What does it mean for Optimism. The coin where base is build upon

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I don't feel so good... only have 1.7k pee

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anyone seen ghost? why is it pumping

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whoever can sell DKP at the lowest price wins a cuck nft good luck my fellow cuckolds

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how does 0 dollars sound when this goes back to 3c.

>> No.57002610

The gold dao is gonna mint billionaires … less than 1300 holders… everyone of those people are buying for long term and the team is locking up 80% of the sale…
Ps. We did it bros wagmi

>> No.57002741

Don't worry, it's correcting back to $6 and onwards for the next 2 years

>> No.57002765

How? If there are more value inflows than gold locked by being paired with tokens, it's fractional, so that won't end well.
If there aren't it's a stablecoin, so the benefit is its' use as collateral
wat I missng?

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Brother … brother take the time to examine the tech… get on google thir im not spoonfeeding any normies on here hard to tell whos from reddit anymore

>> No.57003060

DKP still has very low liquidity, only like ~70k worth of buys would get us to 1k ICP per token. But on flip side a very small amount of sell orders would bring us to under 100icp per token

>> No.57003111

I think this level is the DKP launchpad. Down in piss but near ATH in dollars. It's the easiest coin in the ecosystem to really pump because of the low supply and low sell side order books. Dscvr jeets could sell what they have left but that's it. No one else is selling.

>> No.57003124

We are at the bottom.
Start buying the dipnas the line goes up.

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All of this sounds fucking gay.

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Agree, we can buy more ICP now

>> No.57003654

ICP could potentially become a top 5 coin within the next 3 months. It might be the last chance to buy ICP at such a low price

>> No.57004162

How do one buy gold dao?

>> No.57004194

ever heard of the NNS launchpad?

>> No.57004204

site https://www.gold-dao.org/

stake here https://nns.ic0.app/project/?project=tw2vt-hqaaa-aaaaq-aab6a-cai

>> No.57004207

>buy icp
>go to nns
>lock it for 8 years
Your children's children will sing your praises.

>> No.57004210

Thanks, figured out

>> No.57004216


>> No.57004233

You can delete this comment if you wish, thanks anon.

>> No.57004277

i just put 50 of my 2.1k ICP stack into Gold DAO, am i going to make it?

>> No.57004514

Yes, see you in 8 years

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How do ICP on-chain? I have probably 50k evm transactions and 10k on Solana so I'm not totally retarded I've just never seen anyone talk about this coin outside of this board. Gib best wallet pls.

>> No.57004548

>How do ICP on-chain?
The OP sort of covers this.
>Gib best wallet pls
I like plug wallet.

>> No.57004563

I'll check it out, thanks. If everyone is going to fomo into every layer 1 not named Ethereum I will gladly sample some icy piss.

>> No.57004755

no lol, its gonna be releasing at over 100 mill mcap fully dilluted with 20% of that going to ppl, i have 100 icp in it but im not holding my breath, im expecting to lose half of it on market open

>> No.57006106

If you had been paying attention you'd know DKP will get listed on Bittrue Q1 2024, this means that it most likely wiil be on CMC and Coingecko and normies will eat this shit up, well go high with time...

>> No.57006165

will dfinity complete the rosetta api in time?

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It's funny they share an acronym because ICP is the crypto equivalent of their music and absolute nob fans