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Lots of it.

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name one that isnt a VC funded scam.

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>Nose ring
>Black nail polish
He saw an easy lay and took his chances. I doubt he thought much about her afterwards.

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her reaction after he asked her if she was done with the squatrack. or there was never anyone there to begin with.

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According to biz if it's not VC funded its a scam but here's one

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She's right. As an old man myself (33 yo), I find it disgusting when men my age date younger women.
Learn your fucking place, boomers. If the age difference is greater than 5, everyone will find it disturbing.

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No competition, the best is KNS by far

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I said VC funded scam and this is clearly a scam. Are you retarded?

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KNS ez future dominator of the Oracle game and not just that x) anyone who invests a little time to check the products and what kind of team is behind them, can confirm it's legit and a true gem. Do your research

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How it's a scam xD please elaborate and try not to sound like retard urself :D