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Why don't normies care about making more money or getting rich?

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they do care. they don't know where to start. they are distracted by vice and overwork. they are afraid. they are self-loathing. overcoming these requires strength or delusion

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They do more then the average biz user you retard.

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How much have you made

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They do. The problem is that they don't know how to go about it so either either listen to retards on tiktok or whatever who talk about nothing, or they just get jealous and try to convince themselves they don't care about money. They don't get rich because they aren't capable

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they care more about social approval than getting rich. They claim they want to get rich but they care more about social approval and not sticking out, so they never do anything.

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Well I made like $100k in holding some internet coins in a year. That's life changing money for normies and it's literally so easy. I wonder why they don't do it more. Sure I haven't made it yet but I think I will if this shitcoin casino keeps going a few more cycles.

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What type of normies? Poor normies or successful normies?
If you're a successful normies, you likely came from a good family who took care of you, paid for college, helped you out financially in some ways. You likely were supported and picked a good major, like comp sci, nursing, engineering, etc.
You are sociable and normal, so you get along well with coworkers and don't have an impending sense of dread and anxiety, so working hard and getting ahead at work doesn't bother you and is achievable.
So you mix all that together, and you have someone who is making good money by their mid to late 20's, and you can see why they're not obsessed with making money by betting on stonks or shit coins. They're likely wealthier than you because they saved and invested into boomer index funds and bought a house at a relatively young age. They have good benefits and family who helps them out with raising kids, so no child care.
They renot worried about wealth because they either already have it or it was never a question of getting it, they knew it was just a matter of time.

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They absolutely do they are just very risk averse

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In fairness they are just getting on with life.
I sit here blackpilled, poor, and frustrated while they have families and experiences.

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What did you start with lol, 50k?