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Was in a meeting with manager and I couldn't even talk properly. I'm sick to death of all this waging. Long awkward pause and I just give up saying I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

I'm right on the edge of asking to be fired, withdrawing my 401k. Partying for a few years and then peacing out.

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Get fired with unemployment. Stop meeting your KPIs but remain polite with your manager and HR.

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Don’t be so self critical. You have to love yourself. Just relax and be a friend to yourself.

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Just leave man for fuck sake. Is it worth decaying from within?
You literally are thinking about suicide because you are not happy with your place.
If you can survive a few years on your savings then you are already set

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hey if things are really bad then try painkillers out, you can function on a low dose, doesnt really have too many bad effects and work will sure be easier. better that peace outting id say

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>withdrawing my 401k
that shit has nothing inside, retard

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Being an office cuck made me a socially awkward freak. Being unemployed boosted my charisma 5 fold. Human men were never meant for the modern office space. They unironically spend an entire month celebrating men who fuck other men's assholes. Mental illness.