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hunting is really a profitable thing these days? fantasizing for a long time about $CORN and unicorn kidneys makes me wonder if it's even worth going out to hunt things like a deer, or even a unicorn

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op you're not even funny, you're deranged and need mental support

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I just take a photo of OP right now, I think he saw me.

I'm scared.

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no dude if you're going to buy a fucking crypto project then buy the fucking project and that's it, you don't have to involve animals on this

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most normal $CORN holder

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bruh this is /biz/, we are either /biz/raeli or just fucking deranged

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I've never tasted deer meat yet, you have my support to burn forests

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gotta admit this is not half bad on a shitcoin based on Solana, still I can't believe there's people buying this

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bros he's just like me fr
c'mere brother let's hug eachother

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We all need a good session of therapy here :(

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Op i uh.. unicorns don't exist

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>available on Raydium
>solscan checked

wait this MIGHT BE GOOD

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(shhhh, you will break his heart and make him cry!)

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I'm happy chatting with the demon at my window, he always smiles when he sees me

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>mental support
that costs money, and friends