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Here's the thing, simpletons - if you're still scratching your nuts over Windoge98 and the whole Internet Computer shebang, let me break it down for you. It's like comparing a firecracker to a fucking nuke. ICP isn't your boomer uncles blockchain. It's a whole new beast. Think ludicrous speed, handling more transactions than a skid row drug dealer, and security that makes Fort Knox look like a kiddie playground.

Now, Windoge98, that's where the real magic happens. It's not just a memecoin; it's like the Little Boy and Fat Man of memecoins. We're talking advanced memetic warfare - using the power of memes not just for kicks, but as a weaponized form of autism and community building. While you're busy laughing at the memes, Windoge98 is busy conquering the canister. It's like playing 4D chess in a world where most are fumbling with checkers. Wake up, anon.

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Internet computer

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It fails at every thing it does.

It's NFTs failed and all were a scam except BTC flowers but then those dumped too (thanks entrepot for throwing every shitty jeet art project up there)

It's shitcoin season never happened, 90% of them were done by literally one guy named Raj (Figure out where he's from)

Solana and Base are having a meme coin season, other chains have had 2 or 3, and ICP has nothing. It sucks dick. Ghost fag chain. It's over.

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And don't tell me about DRAGGINZ that gay ass shit, that is ONE token that did MILDLY well gaining ICP but as it mooned ICP DUMPED.

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How do install windoge98 into my internet computer, sonny?

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double click the installer.exe file sir

im sorry? i dont speak hebrew

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Insider scams to promote themselves and dump.

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Let me ask, is there ACTUALLY an OS or is it just a meme?

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not buying your bags raj. my piss be icy cold and frozen

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There is a web interface that resembles and OS and there will be plenty of integrations with other dapps. Then there's Microdao and some other stuff going on too. Openchat theme and integration, Catalyze, etc.

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I'm not. I've only been stacking Idoge. I'm gonna be so rich.

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