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If the BTC ETF got rejected, what price do you guys think we will reach?

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stabilize around 30k

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Two days of -30% red candles and then a slow bleed to 10k

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Prices in

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Zero, because it's getting rejected on COPA and chain split.

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ETF spells death

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1m per sat

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Funnily the price it was when the false rumor kicked in. It was really undervalued

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2Ok worst case possible. but worst case possible is impossible to happen. If you know, you no.

Follow the plan.

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Is going to get crazy one way or the other. A lot of mind games coming. In the aftermath if it is rejected we could see a -40% panic sell quite quickly and a lot of big waves

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nobody knows what happens when a random ancient whale wakes up to see what the fuzz is about with the etf and then panic dumps full bag when it's rejected
12k, crapo was right

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>pumps on literal bullshit
>"it's undervalued!!1!"