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>ledger hacked
>nothing changes with cake
>nothing changes with beoble, people keep on chatting laughing about it
>literally nothing really happened
i didn't know hard wallets were this much of a niche minority. all of you got me into buying one (trezor chad).

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"Crypto" and "being smart" don't usually go together. Very few people own one because they are poor and/or don't think it's necessary. It's only good if you have money in the first place anyways.

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>according to biz, metamask is cringe and easily hackable and i "already have 10 keyloggers ready to go" to fuck me over randomly
>this shit happens

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Well duh. you are only supposed to own one of those if you got some serious bitcoin stored. Paper is king anyways, print it out.

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>people keep chatting laughing about it
of course none of you trannies have enough money to get a 70 dollar hard wallet im lmaoing @ your lyfe

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Welp. That didn't take long did it?

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at what point did /biz/ fill up with otakus?

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>t. bankrupt sirgay paypig

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Over half a million american dolarriroos drained before the patch though lmao

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>>ledger hacked
assuming that someone has lost more than 300 bucks

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Post dick pic with your trezor right next to it to compare sizes bro

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it doesn't matter if they lost 300 or 300,000. The fact that a cold wallet suffered a vulnerability leaves the crypto world in a very bad position.

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>>literally nothing really happened
anon after he lost all his savings and started sucking dick for pennies

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The only thing that happened is a bunch of retards losing all they had, no biggie

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that is true though. specially if you are a pirate and pirate software regularly.

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nowadays social engineering is very delicate, anyone can be a victim of hacking.

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they were always here, but now it's funny to upload anime girls

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>>nothing changes with beoble, people keep on chatting laughing about it
laughing at the tragedy of others is pretty cruel, I don't see why do that but well, not everyone can have my morally correct way of thinking.

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that's what they get for cucks

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babe weve always been here

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another tragedy from the crypto incels for the crypto incels

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the internet wont rest until i become a male prostitute or a mcdonalds employee apparently

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for a shitskin thats a whole year of income anon dont be so insensitive

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awwwww anon is being proud of the hacked club thats so sweet

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there is no use for a hardware wallet, just write your seed on a piece of paper ffs RETARDS

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yeah bro have fun inputing your seed phrase every time you want to make any transaction

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Is that a big mug or a small man?

Cute pic OP.

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I see pretty girl and my brain goes awooga, it's just enough placebo not to think about the fact that I use the rent money to continue using my XOR card