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I've started hosting on sia. Somebody explain to me why Siacoin is so undervalued compared to Storj? This is a much comfier platform and I actually have control over how much bandwidth I am using.

Is Siacoin undervalued or is Storj overvalued.

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Are you retarded. Sia is 3x Storj's market cap.

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>what is marketcap

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It keeps increasing by 100m per week

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SIA is extremely undervalued. And it's tech is more secure than storj. Storj is a very centralized approach whereas SIA is completely decentralized and open source. The applications just in National Security and Corporate Intellectual Property Security are enormous, and I don't believe they have been fully contemplated yet.

CryptoHoopla predicts that it will at least 2x in Q1. So far they have been right about all previous predictions.


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storj is a meme

sia is undervalued for sure, not by anything crazy but if trash recently has ran from the close to bill market cap level then so can sia

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I think 10 cents per coin is a reasonable short term target for SIA. With a large market cap I'm not sure how high the price can go. But keep in mind that there will be token burns. People who truly commit to using SIA to host files will burn many of their tokens in order to prove they are committed. I forget the technicalities of it but basically it's a way to prove that the person you are storing data with won't just use the coins to buy and sell or whatever.

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why wont you moon dammit ffffffffffuckk

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i dont even consider market cap that big a factor after this past month

normie money doesnt give a fuck about cap, supply.. they just see price

if sia has some good stuff come to get it moving then money can fly into it as it did with xlm.. ripple...

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Tech is shit. It will nedver work its pricier thab amazon and less performant

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this desu, market cap means jack shit, XRP proved this

...for now...

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it's literally far cheaper than Amazon. Plus it's safer. If there's ever another major war, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft data centers will be targeted. Oh yeah and google too. All of that data in your google Drive, your iCloud, your amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, all of it could be wiped out with a few well placed bombs or missiles.

With something like SIA you can store on the cloud but be confident that will be secure and accessible no matter what, as long as you have your key in a safe place. Theoretically could even be safer than keeping things offline on a physical hard drive. Because a single hard drive can be stolen or destroyed.

With SIA you might be able to have simultaneously the cheapest and most secure form of data storage ever conceived.

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I've been holding since 12/22, patiently waiting because I know it has huge potential

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sia will be $1 within 6 months

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I want to believe

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It would be fucked up if it weren't, for such cool technology.

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brainlets don't understand that Sia is just a superset of existing cloud storage.

In theory, there's nothing preventing Amazon from making their storage available on Sia and charging the same rate they do now. And since Amazon's storage is much more reliable than the average Joe's, you could store at a lower redundancy. (Right now you have to store with 3x redundancy on Sia because hosts are flaky.)

There's almost no performance overhead, because you aren't waiting for blocks to confirm or anything. The payments all happen over payment channels, so they're instant. If you really need maximum performance, you can disable the file encryption as well.

The tech isn't the problem. The problem is that Amazon and others won't want to be part of the Sia ecosystem, because it forces them to compete directly in a fair marketplace. So if Sia grows too big, expect to see a larger corp try to buy them out or just DDoS the network

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>The problem is that Amazon and others won't want to be part of the Sia ecosystem, because it forces them to compete directly in a fair marketplace. So if Sia grows too big, expect to see a larger corp try to buy them out or just DDoS the network

Implying devs at SIA would choose to sell. Implying that they aren't prepared for DDOS (wouldn't decentralization prevent a DDOS from overloading anyway)?

Regardless, I do understand your point but I think SIA is a bit of a ways off from an Amazon or other large company looking to buy them. And I think it has plenty of room to grow and rise in price before then.

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bump for justice, this is an amazing technology I can't believe how much biz ignores it

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I have been watching Sia and I intend to get into it more once I am happy with my Ada bag size. I just want another 2k Ada and I will be going in heavier on Sia

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should i go all in Sia. It's been itching to go over 300 sats, and then fomo will ensue.