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>13 million nft users this year 2023
>expected to go up to 19 million by 2025 IF rampant speculation calms down
>coffeezilla and sleuths like him practically shut down all the celebrity cancer plaguing the space, most dumb money already scammed, people now know which projects are trash and which aren't
Yep. I'm thinking I'm going to buy more IQT, ETH and BNB. Pretty bullish narrative. IQT alone opens up the abiltiy for any collection to become yield bearing so even the most useless of nfts can generate some profit before fizzing out at least, everyone will adopt it.

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13 million of which only like 2 actively trade these still lmao

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based tokenization of everything fren. do consider avax.

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>Most dumb money already scammed
First of all, all money related to this tech is dumb money. Nothing about it is smart. Second, there's more. Way way more. So if you want to make a wild bet then sure NFT's may be a good (contrarian) choice.

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doing better than your favorite shitcoins little bro

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didn't this argument of yours die a long time ago? who still thinks avax is committing to tokenizing everything or whatever. are you retarded?

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The whole point of craptocurrencies is speculation, moron

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>OP unironically thinks they won't do the exact same thing again once BTC goes back to 60k and beyond for its next ATH
>OP REALLY believes normies learned their lesson
i mean good picks bro but you are seriously overestimating the masses here to be honest

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you are being quite optimistic anon, however I see no reason not to be. the market is regularizing and you are right that most of the suckers have already been ripped off. It is extremely difficult for another speculative bubble to be generated.

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i went to check on shib and doge to post their green charts and call you out but no they are unironically doing like shit. apebros i kneel (i don't hold any shitcoins only btc and eth)

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i don't like the narrative that binance is running, however their market capitalization is such that they are too big to fail. that adds up to credibility points.

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give me reasons to consider avax, I have always seen it as a stigmatized coin and surrounded by fudders.

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me neither I was just shitposting.
>this shit is doing ok somehow
i really thought bayc manchildren got killed at their gay little event with exposed uv lights to the eyes and whatnot. shame.

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however, people's mentality has changed and many are aware of the existence of ponzis and scams, it is much more complicated for something like the nft bubble to happen again.

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really think so? look at what is happening with $LINK lmao

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the idea of buying tokens of a project speculating that it will become relevant in several years doesn't convince me.

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maybe they didn't learn, but it's harder to fool them. the new normal is to call every project that isn't first layer "ponzi".

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someone please send a nice scotch to this anon for being so based.

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>most dumb money already scammed
every year they say the same thing, they don't understand that our profits depend on normies losing their money.

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has a beautiful waifu

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why would anyone would still use nfts on 2024?

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Wel im doing better than your mom

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Yes and no, many projects back up behind a solid structure and treasury, that's why FIAT market exist you know.

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Ok bro im on it this time drinks are on me

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un ironically based

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No surprise that meme coins are currently doing like shit lmao

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you don't need to be convinced to actually do stupid shit y'know

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>6 years in this hell
>every bag held died after 2 weeks
>not making it in 2021
>not even making it in bullmarket
I don't think you have the right to complain

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Absolute state of /Thread