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What coin should I buy?

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Mcap sub 10MM, up 50% last 24H.

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Strange, no one else is pitching their project?

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max mine titanx or do a 30 day miner

titanx win/stats

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Nothing till the next pump.

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- dude it's called ALGO yeah, it's going to change the world, dude.
-nation states can't control it, it can't be manipulated, it's your freedom, friend.
-it's the perfect store of value, bro, it's a hedge against inflation, trust me on this one, okay.
-Brother this is a once in a century event, maybe rarer, it's a total reform of the global economic system, it's like the real estate boom x1000, brother.
- no nation state can stop it, when the collapse comes the USA will balkanize, and people will sell their souls to get a satoshi in return, brother.
- Let me tell you about alt-coins, brother.
- It's p2p digital gold which means peer to peer, did you know it bro?
- Tokenized master books, unbreakable encryption, totally secure.
- Yes brother, there are a lot of non-digital currency uses, that's what alt-coins are about.
- Everyone needs to be monetized, don't ask me why brother, I buy them you should too!
- everything will be tokenized bro, it's not just a database.
- when everything is tokenized everything will be monetized brother.

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Curio (CGT). promising rwa project, 3mil mcap

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Read the documentation

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> QRL 10% allocation
> leave for 4 years
> maybe richer