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I'm hungry

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Research for 1 hour and you will understand why it's safe to say this shits going to at least 10x by 2025 (if that's not too much work)

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I think the consolidation period is over on GFY, big gap to fill back to most recent highs, plus they've been listed on MEXC by community vote, so buy a bag and hodl. gofuckyourselfcoin.com

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Literally everything will 10x in 2025 because that's the middle of the bullrun.

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I have a bag in grok. Still holding some Link. I did end up getting into GFY finally.

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everyone but the guy on the left looks like a huge fucking faggot.

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uniswap is the dex and lp for eth (it is overvalued imo)
pancake swap is the dex and lp for binance (it is somewhat undervalued)
trader joe is the dex and lp for avax (it is considerably undervalued)

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Read the documentation and make up your mind. Sitting below 5m market cap right now, near limitless upside potential. Lots of cool shit happening right now, you can run oracle and indexing nodes from almost any computer on the unchained testnet. People have been trying to keep this down for years.

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bingus is gonna moon any day now
shits blowing up on twitter rn

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you’re welcome

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you'll know when you look into them

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behodler $eye. Been building through bear. $1m cap

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>Adlunam trading on Pancakeswap
Undervalued and low-capped with Engage to earn ecosystem with rapid growth.