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watching charts and daytrading just to earn 5$. Am i gonna make it?

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e god id

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into an insane asylum you will

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>go to a loan shark
>borrow ten million times your capital
>trade as usual
>make 50M in a day
>pay back the loan shark
>you have made it

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prob not. i doordashed today for $115 so im up $110 on you

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Wanna do this to prove the world wrong and make it with nothing but IQT, RLC and god fearing, god damned BNB. Maybe I should seek a mafia loan shark to borrow thirty million times my capital and speedrun the process.

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>GOD in his ID
you ARE going to make it op. no doubt. keep grinding and you shall receive what's yours.

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will these people actually beat me up and/or rip open my stomach if i refuse to pay? what if i walk around open carry

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You will literally get whacked first, and before you even realize it, you are dead.

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Excellent portfolio requires an excellent plan. Go ahead anon, you got this shit. Get that bag!!!

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of course you are going to make it, in 4 or 5 years.

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anon I have bad news for you...

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we are all going to make it, only death or the Jews can stop us.

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the bnb is not to blame for your bad investments, binance is out of danger and the bnb going down is the fault of cowards.

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I am tired of being alive

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clinging to the traditional way of earning money with crypto is pretty bad these days

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if you have no other income you are screwed, now if you continue like this for at least 1 month, you would have $150 and exponentially you could make 5 figures by the end of the year.

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this is the most optimistic comment I have ever read in /biz/.

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and what do you expect anon to do? buy a link and lose all his money at the end of the year? you have to invest time and effort in learning how to do things correctly. this is a job and a business, when you earn money, someone else is losing it.

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how do you daytrade all day and only make 5 dollars. are you daytrading with like 45 dollars?

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i remember closing with 100 bills when i had around 1k to my name. to close with 5 my nigga is literally doing 30 buck trades all day long. kinda sad.

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It also says "ego" if you count the "e" at the beginning, sooooo...

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definitely not with that attitude

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Well your ID confirms that we're indeed safe

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BNB does not believe nor care for your god faggot

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Anon wtf are you watching? Wtf are you doing?

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No you don't, and we won't listen to any chud fud faggot

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If you don't pay back what you owe plus interest you'll get mauled

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deppends, how much money did you put into? cause getting 20$ in and taking 25$ out means 25% profit, wich isnt that great but at least keeps you green

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Get a loan, lose all his money, get killed, Either way you're the one making it.

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Kek that's not gonna make him more reliable at trading

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Oh, that's refreshing mein nigger

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nope, cope

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probably not