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Are they seriously that scared?

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>7 threads up complaining about avax pump

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Retard. This thread is literally the only one

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Avax is the end game of crypto. Subnets makes anything possible. Infinite scalability. Avax pumps to the max. Avax take over the world and become the standard of everything. Cope seethe and dial8 nigger

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>Are they seriously pumping X to distract from Chainlink?

Anon, why don't you just accept that you had your run and you missed the top? How is Chainlink an exception to what has happened with many cryptos who had their one run? People made money off of Link. It is no different than:


I could go on. This is the game plan: you associate your shitcoin with a bunch of well known companies (GOOGLE PARTNERSHIP!!!! MICROSOFT PARTNERSHIP!!!). You pump it, then dump it and move on. You're a bagholder.

I'll give you a hint on the next shitcoin that is setting up to do this (and the team has a successful past of doing the exact same scam): Axelar (ticker: AXL). They've already name dropped their BIG PARTNERSHIPS with WELL KNOWN NAMES! You're too late to buy into the bottom, but not too late for a 5x in the next 6 months. Otherwise, feel free to keep watching "them" pump everything to distract "normies from getting into chainlink"

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Nigger, shut the fuck up and stop it. Let's just be honest: Avax is a useless network selling a useless shitcoin. Stop trying to convince yourself or anyone else otherwise.

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