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is it over??????

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If $10 per grt next year is over, then yes it's over 100%.

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It never begun really

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based over $10 overlevel

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it was never over. i mean 10k suicide bag is not too pricey at the moment to not rope when this train really gets to speed

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Attention gentlemen:

After more than two years of holding GRT,
I am finally in the green

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based but that stack is a little small. can we make that a sui before the summer?

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Hey Buddy! Congrats!

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thanks guys. yeah we can get those numbers up.
what are your stacks at?

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13k or so
our gurties are goin places

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380k gurties

im am gonna make it anons

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I’m hoping to sell half in the next year and take a couple years off.

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based, how does 10 million us dollars sound for you fine fellows?

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Thinking about going in hard on GRT
shill me gents

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No, it's over. We will NEVER hit 20 cents again

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I got 500K of these fuckers. Am I going to make it?

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Question for you anon, how much has the supply been diluted since last ATH?

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No because there are better ways to index data and soon people will realize that they're being ripped off for oracles and indexing because KNS does it for dirt cheap

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Possibly. GRT was ahead of its time, and being the first to release a viable product meant some things were rushed. It does what its supposed to do very well, and even got huge clients like Uniswap connected to their Indexers, but the system requirements to achieve the performance it does are immense compared to more modern and well thought-out solutions. At the end of the day, it's a question of cost and efficiency for the same output. GRT has failed miserably here.

It is obsolete already. It will get one final solid return this run, before being replaced by competing solutions that can do the same thing, and better. I think 100% it is over for GRT. The transition just hasn't occurred yet.

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Ah, this is actually what I was referring to. Hadn't read the thread, but saw this comment after my post submitted. Pretty much, this is one very good example of a solution that obsoletes GRT.

GRT is essentially the "shotgun" approach, indexing everything - even data clients might not necessary need or want. KNS is a bit more granular, which improves efficiency and decreases cost while providing a customer the exact same data they are paying The Graph for, only faster and cheaper.

If GRT can pivot to selective indexing and find a way to integrate BLS signatures into their solution, they might have a chance to compete in 2024 and onward. This remains to be seen.