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Interlink: >>56908568 (OP)
1. Validator dynamic commision has been implemented. TLDR: Redelegate from Validators with large Voting Power or you will pay bigger commission (up to 20%!)
2. Do Kwonzi to be extradited to USA. 2UNA baggies on suicide watch.
3. Plans for governance owned to-do list of L1 tasks which can be completed by volunteers and paid contractors.
4. Terraport DeX has been relaunched after Certik audit.
5. USTC Repeg Plan by Redline Drifter awaiting approval from CEXs.
6. L1 Dev Team works for free in Q4 to make up for previous fuck ups and chain halt. They do it for free. Indefinitely.

Frenly LUNC Discord Server now open to anons:
discord @ com @ invite @ vfhFPJPv

Biz Aproved Validators:
None. Delegate with lower % validators to avoid being hit with higher comissions.
LUNChad Anthem (Listen 3 times a day)

BigJack List
Vinh&Superman (L1 Grifters)
Dr Cum (wannabe lunc ceo)

SHOAHD by Frens:
Alex Forshaw (currently redeemed)
Ed Kim

God loves you and we all know wagmi.

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>it's over

Got the rest of that story?

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I was just baking a bread. Glad I checked. WAGMI

The Fire Rises

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LUNC sisters, we rise

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The proposal deposit of a validator whining like a little baby who got kicked out in the 130 to 100 downsizing is great. I can literally taste his tears through the text.

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What's lunc's price 1 month from now?

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2 more weeks

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Two more weeks

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For what?

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likely 0.00024-0.00028

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Excuse me?

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Tinfoil hat time… an exchange is ready

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for what

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Related, I ate another mushroom bar last night and this happens every time I trip balls

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I’m so fucking over it I’m so fucking done, my last $7,000 gone, nothing fucking left what the fuck am I doing wrong? The chart showed it was going down I locked my short and now I’m fucking liquidated AGAIN! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!? IT WAS SUPPOSED TO STAY DOWN! I’m just done no more will I try this stupid stupid fucking game, tell me you wouldn’t feel emotional if you saw $7,400 just evaporate out of thin fucking air. My fucking god what the fuck is wrong with me? I’m a fucking failure IM A PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT! I’m fucking worthless in every single regard in life, I don’t even wanna be around anymore. Why list a fucking perpetual listing if it just liquidates you EVERY FUCKING TIME!?!?!?

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if this hits 0.4 and above i 'll reimburse you. I efing PROMISE

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I know it's pasta but crypto is a gamble as it is, why force it even more with leverage and shit like that? Just buy some coins, hold and sell in the bullrun, that's all.
Captcha vtpgas

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You want to tell my kids Santa isn’t coming this year? You want to tell them? Obviously I fucking can’t because I would be the worst fucking father on planet earth. How the fuck do I explain this? I’m just an idiot with money? Santa is bankrupt this year because of market volatility? I might as well buy my self a fucking boat and drown myself in the ocean OH WAIT I CANT AFFORD A FUCKING BOAT! I’m such a pathetic loser I can’t even stand myself right now I’m such a fucking absolute piece of fucking SHIT!

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What makes you think I would make this shit up? I’m a fucking hurt man right now, leveraging has helped me tremendously so why the fuck wouldn’t I use it? No I’m not buying this shitcoin im officially OUT! Take your bullshit and stuff it in your fucking face and don’t try to tell me what the fuck to do im already over it!

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That's unfortunate man if what the above reply sayin is true

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What happened...

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You're a perfect inverse correlation with the chart.

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Are we so back?

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This, post USDC address baggot... if we hit paydirt I will make it rain for you.

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The price goes up

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sirs why is my lunc moona baboona

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FUDfags disappear at the first ray of sunlight, it's amazing how this rule always applies. Also, I hope that that greedy guy who had orders at .00014 learned his lesson. You should never be too greedy, it was amazing it dipped as far as it did.

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Are we so fucking back or just another Jew trick?

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Is time.

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Oh lord.

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$0.25 EOY

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So it’s true, lunc really is the gay man’s token

>t. 20m bag holder

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I still have my order at .00014 and I'm fine with it not executing, it would just add to my stack if it did. I can still stake my 7.3m lunchies and ride the pumps.

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>AI sloppa
top signal

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shorting is free money

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Quads say .02 EOY

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Ahhhh eu vou gozar.

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Much higher...

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So far over 500 mil in volume. Whales?

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500 mil Luncs or $? Cuz if dollars than it is going parapolig as soon as fags sell their heavy bags while we go up and the seller get liquidated like that faggot above HAHAH

>> No.56934044

500M dolla dolla billz mayne

>> No.56934056

O wow, I just checked the buys. Wtf is going on? Do they know something that we do not? Coinbase incoming?

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These lunc generals are crazy, people here are completely crazy, this shit rugged long time ago and people here expect it to hit 1$ lmao the supply is in billions, crazy shit kek

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bullish 1ptid basic bitch fud poster

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That's what you get for shorting you stupid bitch. God I hate you.

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everybody who posted above me and posting after me is a gay fag

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The direct post above me's wife fucks niggers behind his back

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There’s finally healthy growth with this coin. It needed a correction badly and now it’s moving

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I agree, now that it has corrected and risen considerably, it's going to be more stable, growing upwards!

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>Lunc will burn 90% Of token we will go straight to $100
Lunc will burn 90% Of token we will go straight to $100
>Lunc will burn 90% Of token we will go straight to $100

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The fecal alchemist

>> No.56934431

A+ Sonic / Smiths. It is indeed, a good time for a change

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>we rye

>> No.56934534

is this AI or Pajeets? I’m leaning more towards pajeets

>> No.56934573

I have a final on kidney, GI tract, reproductive, and exercise physiology on Tuesday. Wish me luck LUNChads. LUNC will pay for med school, I'm sure of it.

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The real correction is probably the next weekly candle. We're so off, with a blow-off top.
I don't trust this pump. Still not selling but if there will be an opportunity to buy more LUNC at a cheap price, it's still good enough.

>> No.56934687

I believe it’s inappropriate to use the weekly chart with this volume; the amount of change should be measured by day to day if you’re trying to assess a blow-off. Most TA was designed around trading hours of 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. This is a 24 hour / 7 days week space, where the same concepts loosely apply.

I appreciate the concern, I have it too, but I wouldn’t base concern off off TA at this time.

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Where did you find that chart you fucking retard? What blown-off top? When it is a blown-off bottom like your dad when a nigger fucks his ass until it prolapses

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The duality of /biz

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Oooo, I see, you are posting last weeks chart. Choke on a cock faggot

>> No.56934723

Reddit was right, I’m glad I sold, now I can spend all my money on Christmas presents and Ukraine.

>> No.56934747

Based and bull pilled.

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I’m ready lads…

>> No.56934817

It's the actual weekly candle on every exchange (excluding KuCoin), it's not the "last weeks chart".
Is that the KuCoin's app? Take a loot at Binance's chart.
In about 5 hours the next weekly candle, let's see how it goes.

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>Du Kwon gets extradited to US
>CIA and other assorted Gmen rough him up and extract The BTC from his jail pocket.
>Bitcoin handed over to the majority share holder of LUNC a.k.a Binance.
>Binance burn the equivalent amount of LUNC and keep Bitcoin.
Boom baby

>> No.56934922

$0.25 EOY 2022

>> No.56934976

>Lunc will burn 90% Of token we will go straight to $100

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$85 EOY 2021

>> No.56935025

We just need to figure out how to make time go backwards

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>Everytime every FUCKING time! I do my research I look at the graphs I look at sentiment I see what the news is talking about I DO THE RIGHT FUCKING THING and you just want to shit on me? Really? I’ve been coasting through on this collapse and had a great fucking entry for my fucking short anf what you fucking burn me. You fucking burnt me and all that is gone because you wanted to play around like FUCKING RETARDS!!! FUCK THE LOT OF YOU! Just kick a guy when he’s down, I’m already going through a fucking shit divorce and stupid custody battle and now I have to deal with this stupid shit and what do you know it’s Christmas time too haha no FUCKING presents for the kids I guess just me being a failure of a fucking father like usual can’t even see my kids unless it’s holidays or the weekends. Fuck you all I hope you’re fucking happy with your gas money you absolute parasites merry fucking Christmas you pieces of fucking shit!

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>Santa is bankrupt this year because of market volatility?
This is what i am thinking

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The fud has been most succulent on this coin.

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Sharts don't lie

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The title was supposed to be 2 dads, 1 cup edition. The image was also supposed to have a semi transparent lunc symbol spanning the entire page, but I accidentally uploaded the original screencap. I really fucked this one up. I’m sorry

>> No.56935320

>im already over it!

>> No.56935451

I hope it makes you feel better that I had $1,000 in USTC that I hadn't turned into LUNC to stake, so I sold at the 7x, which is about what you lost, right?

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Ah yes, it looks like we broke out of that shitty dip. Comfy

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>> No.56935544

Yeah, like 200 years from now lmao

>> No.56935566

>You want to tell my kids Santa isn’t coming this year?
Yes actually. Put up a Vocaroo of you introducing the question to them and their response and I'll post a vocaroo to tell them what's happened.

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thanks for another run up, literally can't lose longing dips at 25x

>> No.56935673

Don't worry anon I'm sure you'll do better next time. Try again with the next general. We shall have 2 dads 1 cup editions until it is perfect.

>> No.56935825

high enough to price you out poorfag

>> No.56935940

Holy fuck I just had a tin foil moment. I was looking at the chart and the buy orders BTW look manipulated as fuck. Millions of Lunc bought in an fucking instant and sold in order to draw a chart. Are the banks or the cexes or who tf is behind this doing it? They use the "charts" knowledge that traders have in order to manipulate the outcome and say, "let's do a cup and handle now my friend Orenstein"....oooy very bros

>> No.56935953

BTW it is going to zig zag upwards so buy now it's still low we are going to 0.00034-37.

>> No.56935961

Yea ok bro it will reach $1 any day now, 2 weeks?

>> No.56935967

Maybe 0.00028 if you suck my cock

>> No.56935986

Hey buddy, wtf is wrong with you? This type of behavior is unneeded

>> No.56935990

By my calculations, tomorrow at 3:27

>> No.56936005

Literal bots

>> No.56936023

I will keep my schizomaxxing for myself then, enjoy living in the matrix faggots. I just learned eternal trading knowledge

>> No.56936082

Keep talking, i like you

>> No.56936095

Hey pal, fuck you. How’s that for a bot response?

>> No.56936138

Now I won't do it anymore faggot

>> No.56936186

Imagine taking out your anger on someone who’s giving you a compliment. You guys are really something else

>> No.56936189

That sounds like something a bot would say

>> No.56936202

That’s not true

>> No.56936232

I want to believe… I do

>> No.56936383

Did I stutter? Enjoy the ride but make sure to watch the chart as it will be drawn as per the needs of the elite and sell high buy low

>> No.56936635

Screencap this zig zag to 0.00028 than breakout from ascending triangle to 0.00033-37 scizo out

>> No.56936713

I can hear it

>> No.56937254

Guys, it’s almost Monday. I don’t want to wage.

>> No.56937332

When people ask me how I'm doing I just say "I'm doin LUNC, how'bout you?"

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Same bro. Same

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Enjoy it while it lasts.

>> No.56937483

Fake und ghey

>> No.56937513

Nice improvement to the original design!

Also checked.

>> No.56937569

This shit leveled out right at 0002 right before the start of the week. Feels like something is planned

>> No.56937864

ever since the kaifeng jew became recently unemployed and suddenly with a lot of free time on his hands, he's been fucking with lunc volume and price action.

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.13 is the prophecy. Arrange your stack around the knowledge.
we rye

>> No.56937979

Yeah could be, something is definitely going on. It pumped hard then slowly descended right to .00020 and has held steady there for a while.

Or maybe I’m just schitzo

>> No.56938015

Dump incoming

>> No.56938073

It appears I was just schitzo afterall

>> No.56938075

.13 is fud.
$1 is fud.
$2 is fud
$10 is fud
$16 is fud
We will hit new ATH.

>> No.56938087

Gents, I took a shitload of mushrooms… the chart will go back up. Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow, maybe not. Fuck

>> No.56938130

I believe in you

>> No.56938149

Buy signal, just bought more

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Need a 99% burn to hit all those numbers on your list. I think we'll get a significant burn, but not 99% and moon to .13

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>It retrospect, it was just a dip.

>> No.56938303

> arm fat
> messy hair
> tan lines
> nigger nails
> wedgie
6/10 needs improvement

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you're making $19/hr while we Crab, right anon?
okay shroom-chan

>> No.56938437

Fighting for my life dmahk

>> No.56938445

This is me, I can’t control my ip, I walk a lot

>> No.56938463
File: 60 KB, 1080x315, Screenshot_20231208_154909_Binance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And just like that we are not going below 0.00020 again. Comfy.jpg

>> No.56938470

3 days ago i dropped acid, 2 days ago an anon posted about how hes is taking mushrooms, 2 days ago another anon and now you...

>> No.56938490

I am the anon taking mushrooms from the other day. Every time I eat some, the price goes up.

>> No.56938528

Same except I smoke meth

>> No.56938558

for the people who unironically propose $1, what makes you think the burn will ever achieve that? Right now, there is only a PROPOSAL for a 2% burn. Full disclosure, I have less than half of a MAC TONIGHT

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> /TLCG/ Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) General 2 dads, 1 kid EDITION Edition

>> No.56938599

Bro …..

>> No.56938613
File: 1.34 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7166.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He started it

>> No.56938644
File: 1.53 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56938703

Lunchads I don't feel so good..

>> No.56938750
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It’s the whole market, everything is dumping hard

>> No.56938799

Good lord, I need to know when to stop. Buying at 18 means getting to 21 yields 16% gains. I don’t need another 50m

>> No.56938824
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sirs why is my lunc doompa

>> No.56938867

Doomp eet

>> No.56938884


>> No.56939019

Oooooooooh… there were too many longs! Fuck, rest in peace to all hyper degens that couldn’t just gamble at 1x… bright side, here’s where you long

>> No.56939305

I'll give you something long! *pants grab* just kidding! my dick is small that's why I invest in Lunc. We'll eventually see it go up again anyways, despite the dump at the moment, the market legit looks bullish.

>> No.56939663

>my dick is small that's why I invest in Lunc
same...i love big dick chads

>> No.56939690
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>> No.56939800

thanks for showing us the price

>> No.56939877
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LUNC slowly recovering while the dinosaur stays down.

>> No.56939920


>> No.56940054


>> No.56940056

yeah, around 00012 will be the real consolidation point desu

>> No.56940094

BTC didn't even fill the gap at $39k, it will definitely dump more during the week.

>> No.56940149

Honestly I’m just hoping it dumps back to at least 15 so I can get more cheapies

>> No.56940166

keep coping

>> No.56940317

is lunc my freedom ticket or not

>> No.56940445
File: 2.18 MB, 1408x1409, Ayooooo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bussin fr fr no cap on gawd

>> No.56940451

Honestly I’m just hoping it dumps back to at least 1.5 so I can get more cheapies

>> No.56940647


>> No.56940847

Imagine spending your life trying to demoralizing people on a Taiwanese basket weaving forum
Go back to (((your))) cave Neanderthal, you will never be a true white

>> No.56940964

thisssssss <3

>> No.56941308

im still sad..........our luna, please rise

>> No.56941457

luna i will cry

>> No.56941811


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File: 125 KB, 1024x1024, OIG - 2023-11-27T104555.759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56943009

What the fuck men luna classic is no go up? I kill self sir thanks bloody village is lost

>> No.56943051

I buy the luna classic dip men i am okay now tomorrow but luna go down i kill okay thanks

>> No.56943056

this is why i do it. the seething is glorious

>> No.56943381

Friendly reminder that everything is down, not just LUNC, and it’s better to wait… nobody is 100% sure why it dipped and nobody is 100% sure why it will pump.

>> No.56943437
File: 111 KB, 270x422, 1678260471641409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56944301
File: 2.14 MB, 1022x1022, deadassongod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayooooo. sussin fr fr no cap on gawd. Do needful fambalam.

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>> No.56945532

wow great analysis tard

>> No.56945621

My LUNC stay dump.
Hope for better times.

>> No.56945731

Sir thanks stop the fud fuck
No food for village no i eat cow poop men not cool
My LUNC stay pump yes i buy dip 2022 i do the hodl for the rich thanks

>> No.56945850
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where's the colossal faggot retard talking about how float and volume are the only measures that matter in crypto? Pseudointellectuals ought to rope themselves but doubt they even have any money to buy one since they're poormaxxing. Lunc will pump when the rest of the crypto also pump, lunc will never pump organically and independently with a rogue dev team neglecting all the supply in circulation

>> No.56945872

That was probably dnp. Don’t worry, he’ll be back

>> No.56945924

Do the pumping

>> No.56946300

bloddy bich basterd.!!!,
stop pumping
no peas for my bowl now

>> No.56946351

LunChuds are getting dunked on!!

>> No.56946623
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That's just like, your opinion. Man.

>> No.56947000


>> No.56947256
File: 55 KB, 590x350, 1000003560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you mean why buying
bloddy bich basterds poomping in the street
this is not designated poomping street
illegal poomping makes vllage sad no peas

>> No.56947617
File: 78 KB, 534x1073, 1000003577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i see sers are thinking about poomping in the street again. do not poomping. village whole lost. too many number of flies on wife.

>> No.56947763

Hey guys, please stop mocking other groups of people. It isn’t very nice. It isn’t nice at all.

>> No.56947815

lol no one is scooping up le cheapies??? i thought you guys wanted to BUY DA DIP!!

>> No.56948033

not buying til its back under 0.0001

>> No.56948036

I only buy the high quality authentic iunc’s that sell at higher prices. The cheapies are fake garbage, most likely produced in China

>> No.56948328

It’s time for mushrooms and a stroll around the neighborhood. We got this.

>> No.56948920

40 minuts until closing, bloddy basterds start selling token

>> No.56949037

Do the killing self men, stop the madness bloody fuck you

>> No.56949055

Terra luna classic do pump so blue id man shut the mocking up

>> No.56949098

You miss the moon instead you do Narakaहाहाहाहाहा

>> No.56949114

Dump incoming

>> No.56949203

Digits don't confirm, post above is buy signal.

>> No.56949345
File: 102 KB, 530x1347, 1000003578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it is being red on the MACing of the D. stop resistance and sell bloddy bich basterds

>> No.56949435

Poopoo color confirms. Village is doom.

>> No.56949741

Sirs BTC and LUNC do the pumping
Thanks village is safe please
Green bar makes happy village men

>> No.56949871

What's the current lunc APY ?
If not then how much should 100mil stacked lunc will i get per month?

>> No.56949960

bros... this is going to end right? This is only a hiccup

>> No.56950041

You can try to catch the knife between here and maybe 0.00015 for another pump but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re going back to 0.0001

>> No.56950129

Who gives a shit, none of this means anything until after the halving.
The only thing that matters is that we had this do a 4x with $1B in volume for a 'dead shitcoin'. I was starting to slowly feel the dread when the CP got sucked dry by TR and other grifters, but now I can hold this patiently again.

>> No.56950162

Luna Bros, it's over

>> No.56950594

My back hurts from carrying this coin

>> No.56950743


>> No.56950797

what happens if DK goes to the US?

>> No.56950857

Dump incoming

>> No.56950864

but we already have the staking dump incoming. Is it that bad for lunc bros?

>> No.56950895

FUCK I should've kept my money on RNDR but I saw line go up and decided to be a retard about it. Now it will probably take another month before I got my profits back from this unready shitcoin.

>> No.56951051


>> No.56951709
File: 26 KB, 512x356, nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're gonna see something like this my two LUNC

>> No.56951869

Can anyone answer this please

>> No.56952149

No. Let them go. We need a little cleaning.

>> No.56952224

lmao. we slow bleeding for another 12 months my niggas.
>he thought being a lunchad was easy.

>> No.56952371

... can you draw a fibo extension and show me where the 1-1.618 box is at?

>> No.56952460

cmon get this shit PUMPIN

>> No.56952795

Can we add a zero i want more LUNC

>> No.56952984

We rice.

>> No.56954027
File: 54 KB, 937x386, luncfib.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming these are the right coordinates, around 0.00014, I guess.

>> No.56954257

Benchode bitch

>> No.56954414

Why is everyone so bearish when literally all other coins are going up?

>> No.56954912

Great news ahead.

>> No.56954938

> in price.

>> No.56955155
File: 226 KB, 1428x1496, TIMESAND___700xxx762XXX777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56955401
File: 1.37 MB, 1019x1023, nocapfrfr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayoooooo. Bussin. Ready for lift off ser.

>> No.56955439

On god?

>> No.56955483

Because apparently even if $100 is inevitable, it makes a lot of difference if you buy at $0.00018, $0.00014 or $0.00010001

>> No.56955535


Your problem is you think like a short sighted desperate little monkey.

All you have to do is hold you effin retard.

Just go back and look throughout significant crypto charts.

Luna was a massive black swan. Restoring luna is literally the biggest narrative out there waiting to happen.

1 bil mcap with insane volume and support and a crazy community. You really don't think they won't burn ot back to get it up to at least 10 cents.

TIME. That's all it takes when you find something like lunc.

You instant gratification leverage trading monkeys will never make it.

Crypto abd investing in general is more about emotional intelligence than it is actual IQ.

>> No.56955619

holy shit are you me? you summarized exactly my thoughts on holding this shitcoin (golden ticket)

>> No.56955800

Round 2 of liquidating longs / shorts with BTC.

>> No.56955826

I personally have no problem but I already I am going to be overly reticent and won't pull the trigger when the time to sell comes.

>> No.56955840
File: 67 KB, 225x225, image_2023-12-12_113421014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spacing aside anon is actually right...

>> No.56955852
File: 1.51 MB, 780x1024, lunc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

staking chads rise AMP LUNC chads RISE

>> No.56956171

LUNC breaking away from BTC's pattern by crashing upward, defying gravity and logic. The last time this happened was in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcers table.

>> No.56956285

Rising as it's been predicted. $0.25 EOY

>> No.56956290

Don't get too excited unless it keeps its momentum. Lots of fake outs past week.

>> No.56956312

I'm here for the tech.

>> No.56956333
File: 2.33 MB, 213x160, y6WSj43.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck yeah

>> No.56956616
File: 1.75 MB, 1022x1023, 713f64bf-e280-42bb-a0ab-29b3b02ddf9a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfect trips. Kek wills it. .25 eoy

>> No.56956643
File: 32 KB, 366x512, 4f0cda3128798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. Hence my bag of hidden gems
Fudders and niggers TONGUE MY ANUS

>> No.56957020

how you do all these shrooms and still have a massive narcissistic ego?

>> No.56957036

this will be lucky to lose another zero and that’s it
y’all really think thousands of millionaires will be made off a Top 50 coin xDDDD

>> No.56957130

I say it jokingly kek, my mushroom consumption has nothing to do with the price, but it’s amusing to me that it goes up every time I trip balls

>> No.56957166
File: 67 KB, 2480x856, btc line.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unrelated, look at this line and the price bouncing off it perfectly; it's a magnet for price action.

>> No.56957218

based response my nigga i actually enjoy reading your shroom adventures
i just ordered some spores and should hopefully have a nice harvest soon

>> No.56957635

Litterally all anyone has to do is keep buying, and continue to hodl. It’s so fucking simple but these tards can’t do it. Since day 1 after the crash it’s been about buying and holding. There will be a day where those of us that weren’t stupid enough to sell will be telling stories how we bought millions of lunc under .0002 and it will seem like a dream to those who weren’t there for it. Almost like the early days of eth and BTC.

>> No.56957770

Keep building.

>> No.56957900

unironicly this. I love LUNCs near instant, basicaly free transfers.

>> No.56958191
File: 72 KB, 1080x1080, 1701804201923827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where my jeets at

>> No.56958642

Right here ser. Ranjesh calling me benchode for spent entire week of village's pea money on 400 LUNC. He will eat his words while I ride past in lambo soon.

>> No.56959619

Lets both schedule a trip and channel energy to lunc

>> No.56959883

I’m in.

>> No.56959944

lmao, have been away from biz for awhile. Is this unironically a thread made by schizos who think lunc is going to do somesort of 100x? lol
lmao even

>> No.56959974

That’s pretty spot on… we also do mushrooms.

> t.tripping

>> No.56959979

>volume collapsing
>price collapsing
>tens of billions to be unstaked and dumped in 2 week's time
>grifters like vegas and duncan flocking back and creating proposals after seeing price action
tick tock, baggies.

>> No.56959988
File: 533 KB, 1170x1871, IMG_3427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s up 203% over the last 90 days

>> No.56960659
File: 148 KB, 1024x1024, OIG (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56960765
File: 584 KB, 1200x1200, LUNCda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56960868


>> No.56961025

> I couldn't take profits at 27 because undelegating
> Undelegating complete
> Price is 40% down now

>> No.56961054

Nobody is building in lunc
All other L1s are buzzing with activity
This chain is dead
It is a meme coin
If 0.01 is possible, it will be through burning or development. We don't have any of these

>> No.56961225

Then sell, you fudfags never change the script.

>> No.56961276

Anyways, I bout another milly while its cheap

>> No.56961378

ITS OVER ;_; My dream of getting rich is gone.

>> No.56961653


>> No.56961763

Staking is unironically a scam.

>> No.56962036

Always has been for paperhands. We hold to 0.

>> No.56962365

Don't get me wrong, I encourage to stake (translation: reducing the circulating supply and locking your funds for 21 days and missing pumps, in change of few pennies).
It surprise me people still fall for this, after the pump at $0.0006 last year.

>> No.56962540

That's indeed a 4hr chart, so just few days.
Meanwhile this nigger is either lurking this shit-hole general or have a similar view.

>> No.56962574

holy shit the proposal is passing boys wagmi

>> No.56962606

What proposal?

>> No.56962615

That guy is probably drunk.

>> No.56962676

The proposal is to mine inside Do Kwon’s ass with a digger, searching for another Trezor.

>> No.56962769

Imagine the smell.

>> No.56963083

Thats a retracement... I can work with that. Fibo extension traces a box from .000017 to .000014.
So were back in an accumulation box, and our next action would be to challence .000026 again

>> No.56963355

Also why do her legs have edema on the left

>> No.56963445

any $SATS holders? what do you think about this coin?

>> No.56963869

Mother chode luna classic is bullflag men

>> No.56964314

I'll do it for free, with my own digger, if you know what I mean

>> No.56965116

Kek. Baggies

>> No.56965407

BTC is taking off

>> No.56965466

I slurped a whole ass eurofag burger menu worth of this gook coin. What can I expect???

>> No.56965483

Depends, can you hold when other coins pump? If you can wait long enough, you’ll get generational wealth

>> No.56965491

Yes buy the BTC so benchode stop the think crypto scam sir i do it
$LUNC to the MOON

>> No.56965612

Eh, these things take time. Aside from the "shit, I wish I tossed a few menus at those" kind of moments. I don't really care if I missed out. The whole fomo thing is kinda behind me. The last run taught me some valueable lessons in that regard.

>> No.56965655

Biggest lesson for me is to hold. Sounds simple, but my degenerate gambler mind thinks.. “I could increase my stack to 100m if I sell now while it’s crabbing or going lower, buy into a coin that’s mooning, sell for 10% and then buy back”… that shit never works. I don’t touch my stack and if I want to gamble with shitcoins mooning, I’ll add funds from my bank account and then put profits into LUNC vs potentially losing my stack.

>> No.56965959

So any updates on the peg?

>> No.56966208


>> No.56966337


Bullish for LUNC?

>> No.56966863

what the frick. gotta convert

>> No.56966883

You're welcome

>> No.56966905

Yes, ustc will take it's place. Lunc to $100.

>> No.56966956

Unironically, the best move for binance

>> No.56967012

nice apy on flexible stacking as well, much appreciated.

>> No.56967125

How do you know ustc will take its place?

>> No.56967139

He doesn’t, but we all want it to happen… and they own more than half the supply of LUNC at this point and it would make them literal heroes of crypto to fix this massive fuck up by DL

>> No.56967167

Finally, the people with brain cells are talking. Glad some of you caught on.

>> No.56967199

They'll hop over to another stable coin and with USTC having so much upward potential it wouldn't be weird to expect a small boost when people look for alternatives. On the other hand it's not really a stable coin anymore in its current depegged state, is it? We'll see.

>> No.56967396

Literally converting them to First Digital USD not a failed stable coin

>> No.56967418

LUNC is bullish, ? thank you men keep the buying up

>> No.56967648

Binance owns most of LUNC and USTC by *far*. Many people that have been tracking wallets for months and months can confirm this. The repeg effort is being addressed by multiple entities. There is no official confirmation but plenty of evidence to support the BUSD to USTC pipeline.

>> No.56967680

This would make LUNC go parabolic

>> No.56967734

I've consumed so much hopium that I've become immune to it. I expect nothing, if something nice happens it's good but I know better than to get my hopes up.

>> No.56967794

I hold over 200 million LUNC for a reason. The industry needs our redemption narrative and unique utility.

>> No.56967922

Binance delisted BUSD, pushing FDUSD, how do you retard believe they're switching BUSD to USTC!?

>> No.56968202

HCC found some new shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rrnMG4AuMQ

>> No.56968735

There's a direct relationship between the two. Wait and see.

>> No.56968924

This is old.


>> No.56968989



>> No.56969002


>> No.56969013

double dubs and trips