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I am poor, lonely and my youth has slipped through my fingers.

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Cool, now fuck off to /adv/

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At least your cost of living is low.

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This poor russian boy has an infinitely better life than me.

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it's time.

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But have your parents both died?

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Is that the next despair milestone for broke lonely adult virgins?

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I'm 24 and finally got a job(Amazon) only to quit after two days. I don't know what's wrong with me. I have no car, and I just cannot find something I want to do. I'm getting $200 for the little time I worked and I hope I can gamble it to freedom.

Back in 2020/2021 I was the BSC king. How I miss those days. Fuck man, when is the next train coming? I've been waiting for what feels like forever.

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> I'm getting $200 for the little time I worked and I hope I can gamble it to freedom.


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$200 can become 2000 and if I could 10x that I'd be able to relax and get my mind straight. Start eating clean, lifting, have a car, clean presentable clothes etc. I wasn't always like this. I just neeted for a while and next thing I knew I became a broken blade. I need to be reforged and I need cash to do that.

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don't worry anon we all die and it doesn't matter

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You need to work you retard. Sitting around wishful thinking about a 10x on your $200 is literally a harder path then just getting a job and working for a few months. You want a better life? Earn it. Pay the dues and do the hard things, pussy.