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Shill me some lowcap gems

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cellframe is the king of lowcaps, it's insane no one's paying attention to it

>layer 0+1+2
>tps scalable and already 100k with like 5 nodes
>quantum and AI proof(AI may be able to break aes256 before quantum does)
>AI can be run on the network as a dapp
>written entirely in c from the ground up(not a fork)
>top 40 github activity
>mainnets been live for months
>TOKENS: very few team token, 1% tax on bsc for marketing, no taxes on any other chains, 100% circulating

>5m cap

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No, since you have this webm saved on your device.

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what is she doing with her hands? looks retarded. shouldn't she have pom poms or something?

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ok ill bite who are the devs and vcs behind it and are any of them white or newish ?

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You won't find gems in these threads. Everybody will try to scam you.

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op biz is dead for sweet gems. you'll just find 2nd world redditors and scam artists baiting them

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Why would I shill low caps here unless I was looking for exit liquidity? I dont want my low caps to run yet...I shill them to biz next year

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Scala (XLA)

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This is the gayest thing I will read today, God willing

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this the boat I'm in
I managed to find a 6 digit mcap alt that shows some promise, problem is there's damn near no liquidity
toss in $500 and boom that mcap jumps up 40%
I'm just waiting for people to get impatient and sell to me but that takes months

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Bought $1500

What Im in for?

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toshi and mochi only 10k mcap see you in crypto heaven

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i've been holding this for so long man. I have 35,000 CELL. I regret not selling them when it hit 3.20 or whatever at the beginning of 2022. now i'm just sitting here patiently waiting.

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HOPR. Not a jeetcoin. On coinbase.

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Microsoft startup jap coin

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>that all time chart
>that 98% drop
ohnononono top kek no one is going to buy this baggie.

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The temporary GROK dip during the weekend before X/Twitter is restored. Then JESUS for Christmas, a dog coin for DOGE-1 launch. After that, you're solid for halving

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ELCD, the working project ShitExec wished to be.

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ECLD, the working project ShitExec wished to be

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God bless you
>Verification not required.

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Just do the timing well though, but GROK seems like retard mode money with this dip due to an account that will be restored by mid week.
12 days for Christmas after.

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This board has IDs now dumb jeet.

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You might want to have a look at what NEKO is doing on NEAR

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I'm elaborating on my own plan, actually. I'm well aware of IDs.

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shit is going to blow the fuck up

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Disabled Black Santa. It’s a Christmas meme that’s making its way through the normie sphere. Fox News has ranted about it. Target is selling them to every millennial woman in the US. It’s getting noticed now on TikTok. It’s an easy holiday play.

After Christmas there’s one called Loong that’s a good Chinese new year play. The Chinese will ape that shit.

Start with disabled black Santa first though and rotate some profits after Christmas.

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>u no worship bug woman? wot wong wit you!?

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What the fuck well that's the risky and absurd but a great degen trade. That looks fucking hilarious. Sticking to my guns but nice for what you don't mind losing

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why. seems like a scam.

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i duno, read a thread on it yesterday which convinced me, just passing it on

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>992 supply and decreasing through LP mechanism
>will govern a named neuron on the internet computer
>450k mcap only

availabe on sonic.ooo

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One off he upcoming bullish tokens with high growth potential

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One of the best narratives there is, trading on Pancakeswap, partnered with Shardeum and many others.

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Based bags indeed. QANX is looking to flex on most L1 gems this bull run, especially after securing funds from the Qatari Royal family.

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BEAR on AVAX, 4Mcap atm

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how do i find excellent low caps before they're posted on here?

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You gotta use telegram and find decent rooms and good dudes who won’t scam you. Search 100xgems to start off. For biz related funds/people look for bizfrens or frens.biz. There’s a shitposting channel and an alpha channel if you buy some of their tokens. Eth trending is another but devs pay them to shill their tokens so there’s more scams there.

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Under 100k Mc You welcome


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>4mil MC
>Oracles replace LINK
>Deep Index replaces GRT
>genius doxxed dev
>1st world company
and you have the opportunity to snatch up as much as you want under 10mil, this is going to be a blue chip

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rsc mr ranjeet

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~6m marketcap, real world asset project, no exchange listings at the moment only swaps

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FINE, no explanation needed.

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Not all that lowcap, but noisegpt just moved to enqAI today with no tax and it's blowing up. Easy 2-3x while this pushes to 100M at least.

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selfkey, easy 100x

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Endless pain.

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I don't mind metablox (MBX). No idea how this coin will perform but I'm big on the gamefi narrative this coming cycle and it looks pretty good compared to the absolute dogshit games we had last cycle. Roblox is huge and it's building off that.

2.9m mc, token launched a little over a month ago.. no cex listings and chart looks pretty dam good if you ask me. But hey it might rug too so who knows.

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check warosu in 4 months

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p*pecoin got shilled here at 0.12 its at 0.25 rn


33m mc

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and soon at 1.25

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Why the fuck would you buy sharting coin

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betswirl (ticker BETS)

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Check Betswirl! Multichain betting platform with TG bet bot underway! This will explode soon! 0x94025780a1ab58868d9b2dbbb775f44b32e8e6e5

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this is a kaspa fork right? and kaspa is moving to rust soon while this has no plans to do so. Is this just another way for gpu bagholders to mine their way to some money? or is there more?

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would love to punch that cunt in the back of the head

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BetSwirl aims to offer a secure, transparent, simple, and entertaining casino gaming platform

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Yoyo market

>passed the audits
>ATH after two days
>active telegram community

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What’s a market cap for BETS? Link to TG channel?

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3.5M mcap

t (dot) me/betswirl

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Pol turd tourist gtfo. Asian women are a financial investment. Kys

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CORN / Solanacorn

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i had some betswirl in spring but i swapped it for bitboy's token after listening to a retard from discord

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The fact you posted asian girls like these means you're getting the SmugDoge.so treatment my brother.

Good taste.

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The fact that I had these bitches come up in my YT feed recently, and now see another anon post them here reminds me why I need to get off literally all social media. Fuck. The internet truly is dead, a solved problem by our technofeudalist overlords, populated primarily by bots and outrage peddlers.
Fuck this world.

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Every single dollar I've made in crypto came from scouring these threads and eventually buying into something that seemed like it go have some significant price action. If you don't have the mettle to read through all this shit and dodge scammers then you are ngmi

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Buy Clams sir

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This is like a side project startup of this guy and some coffee roaster.....barely any movements in the GitHub besides the website and all by this Iranian.....hobby project.....tell me how they gonna turn bluechip

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PoolTogether. Totally autonomous prize savings. Will be multi-chain, OP for now then arbitrum then base so on and so forth.

Token forever tied to the protocol since it is now autonomous. Token is bought through market buys from yield generating vaults, so time plus TVL equals unlimited market cap.

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Toad and dbi

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The only serious reply in this thread. But biz will fade and cry later

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I was hovering over the buy button when this was 0.20 and I chickened out. I want to be not alive.

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DBI on ETH next memecoin to print
HBB/NEON on SOL because they actually do shit

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>like Kaspa but with better fundamentals
>under 60M mcap
>still in MEXC/XeggeX ghetto but getting listed on bigger exchanges soon

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the black woman is jealous of her

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how can white women compete?

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god that bitch is ugly
give me something good and maybe i'll tell you

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>Based bags indeed. QANX is looking to flex on most L1 gems this bull run, especially after securing funds from the Qatari Royal family.
I saw that tweet gigabullish

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Colony on AVAX chain ;) Thank me in the future fucking dogs

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