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And the voices by the shadow people are telling me what shitcoins to buy.

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Listen to them and make money.

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I smoke harmalas and dmt and stare at charts when buying

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Listen to them but don't go all in. They will claim they never told you to go all-in if you do. And if you don't and it actually pumps, they will tease you for not going all-in.
In time you will get used to their shenanigans.

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lmao i’m high af trading, and this community is bullish, unique ca, based team

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did you buy glizzy yet?

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the voices in your head whisper to you not to buy shitcoins and that you should try to get into beoble, there you will only be whispered to by hairy men with a desire for sex and experts in coins that are worth the money.

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the voices in my head tell me to buy $LINK
what can i do anon?

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Where to cop dmt?

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I prefer watching real time alpha generated bespoken for my needs without risk using dexscreener. But you do you OP

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G Check:

How much LUNC do you hold?

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What platform is that?

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Yours give you investment tips? Mine just tell me to go 90 through school zones

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You Socrates had a daemon in his head that told him what shitcoins not to buy. And he always listened. That's how he got famous.>>56919797