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I figured out the secret to never missing the top.
Just keep borrowing stables against your tokens. You won't get the pico top but you are guaranteed to capture 75% of the top.

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which side would you turn to?
you'd either have to smell the dude and feel his dick from the front or let his dick rub your ass

to be fair, you'd have to be a faggot just to think about going to an art exhibition

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yeah i think you gotta face the woman, despite the dick on ass situation

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back to the nigger and fart on his dick

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that sounds a bit gay, desu

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this seems very fatphobic desu

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You can either face a woman, and have a cock in your ass
>or just face the man dick to dick
>so you can spend time with a woman, but like a cuck
>or you can just become gay

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Face the woman and grab onto the titties as hard as possible in a furious milking motion.
>Oops I slipped just grabbing onto the "door" teehee

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I'm 5'1" so I would face the guy. I don't want the roastie to look at me and laugh

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i would face the black dude because from his pov he would see me looking down on him with the girl instilling fear into his mind that white woman are mine and that he will never have a female companion due to his aggressive nature towards the weak.

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I bet the black man spells 10x better than the white woman.

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I bet he doesn't.

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I meant smells*, not spells. Black people can't read or spell, obviously.

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i would also take my clothes off, carry them through like it's a TSA checkpoint

>Verification not required.

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Black anon detected

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why are those the only options you think of?

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i want to enter that art exhibition so badly

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face the man like a man. he dominates you if his dick touches your ass. what are you afraid of? you're not going to get hard are you?

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I’m (fit) 5’6 265lbs so I would walk between them normally. I am built so my shoulder check would knock them both back

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KEK this shit is jewish as fuck but holy shit that is funny

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Agreed. Its a no win situation. Maybe put a book in your pants to cover your ass when you pass the dude from behind.

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You'd actually be blocked by that Black King's BBC.