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I have 25k in crypto

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i have 35k :)

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I just pooped

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currently at $380 in bitcoin and thats all ive got invested

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it's mine now,also I took a stinky one inside the blockchain,good luck picking it up

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Me too anon


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Well done anon, keep holding and you are gonna make it.

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I have 30k now last month it was 4k
and I live in southeast asia

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Good shit anon

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I'm not downloading a wallet to check my balance
I'm afraid hackerinos will steal my money

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Damn. You're pretty much already there.

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Cool anon, just need 100x to make it :)

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I have 5k USD which is a lot of rupees
USD? How did you do it SEAbro

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I started in 2020 with 10k and am now at 75k, having held the entire way and feeling stupid the majority of the time

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i have 9k

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omg what a cute baby dolphin

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Nice, anon! I have $1,000,000 but it fluctuates several hundred thousand dollars on a regular basis. Fun times!

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don't worry i imagine we still have a few more times feeling stupid before we actually make it, it's pretty much a requirement at this point

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dude wtf leave some wealth for us too

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i have 700€

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I have 26 USD in eth leftover from the last time I needed to buy a 4chan pass. I'll be rich soon right?