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Fuck you Vitalik

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was fun collecting high rewards for a week, 17 LINK in rewards already that's $17000 right there

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Remember when I told you guys there wasn’t gonna be room for early access?

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eat shit normie, go buy tesla instead LMAO

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More like $17 in 2024

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Time's running out, you DO have early access space right?

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Kek, same thing happened in v.01 staking you retard. There will be plenty of space in general access

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>$80 gas fees

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Fuck linkies

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Ruh roh raggy. RIGGERS

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Idk, I think we'll reach the 33 tonight and around 38 when the pool opens for general public

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I’m going to miss out on staking because of my gay ass job AGAIN!

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holy shit I stand corrected kek

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Where do you view your rewards?

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rewards tab on the ui

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Click the staking portion on the menu and it should be under eligibility.

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Gm LPL kiddo chud how you doing kiddos?
Pool's closed!

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>not eligible
fuck you sir gay

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Click the reward tab at the top.

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this is getting screenshotted

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linkies just spent all their "staking" rewards of last year on a single ETH transaction to move their ERC20 tokens to another ethereum contract.

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I saved you a spot and left like 7k of empty allotment space for you guys.
I need to have some unlocked to dump so enjoy <3

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>screenshot thread
I was here

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Are you using smart phone?

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We just blew right past 31 mil. Any last words?

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it'll stall at 35

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Yea you fuckin do
>Verification not required.

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It's at 33, you gonna change your statement?

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youre not eligable if you hodled Link on a CEX?

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retard I staked myself

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Lol, lmao even

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no, you gave the exchanges the opportunity to run fractional reserve and cost us all money

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wtf!!! wtf is this!? how do i fix it goddamn it

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35 is a stone WALL

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I think if you open up a few more tabs it should start working.

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fuck now not the time! how do i fix this before the pools full?!

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>tfw jason parser is real

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dont be mean, im just a fragile little anon

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You have time, just take a nap, rest a bit and come back to in a few hours, you’ll be fine bro

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use another browser, edge maybe?

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no wonder people get scammed often when retards like you do transactions with 100 tabs open at once

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sry anon, ur right. Better get that link out of a CEX tho

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WE ARE APPROACHING! Jesus it’s been less than 45 minutes

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talk about a fucking vote of confidence holy shit

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did my part... maxxed out 4 wallets

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This. How are they even profiting? Are they just doing it for the love of trannies?

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Jesus that’s literally me in bed with the BasedBook rn

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I’m just waiting for that one anon that slept through his alarm clock to start spamming /biz/ freaking out lol.

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Are you ok?

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350 link x $15 = $5,250 in rewards.
Gas cost me $32 to call the migrate function.

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>$5k staking rewards for a 7k wallet
>$80 gas fee

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Congrats fren, Cheers

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definitely not going higher than 37

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whew! i got it to work by signing in and out of coinbase wallet GODDAMN if i missed it due to some jewish computer problem id have been mad

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No, anon, unfortunately not. You will have to wait for 0.3 or even 1.0.

If I were you, I'd pull my LINK from the CEX - first not your keys, not your coins, second it could be that 0.3 and following also are capped to those wallets holding LINK for a time.

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Congrats anon. Today, you beat the jews.

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it'll be full before this evening
>Verification not required.

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they're just terrible at math, see e.g. >>56901648

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hell yeah

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Happy for you bro

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Wonder where that fag in denial about general access is.

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how does staking work? do you get sent a staked LINK token to your wallet when you staked?

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Fill it up so sdl faggots cant stake

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Oh nonono, not looking good general access bros

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It's happening tonight

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kek, 1 million SDL link tokens in standby priority pool waiting for general access to open. IF early access doesnt fill (looking like it will fill today), general access will be a slaughter fest for regular joe trying to get in

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No. the protocol will calculate the amount you are to receive and you have to make a claim to send it to your wallet. But there is a ramp up period where you get penalized if you unstake too early.

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good job anon!

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please tell me general access is possible
i missed out on glastonbury, i can't miss out on this too

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I don't get it, so there's no staked token? So what is it that entitles your wallet to your stake? Some kind of sergey-owned SQL database?

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smart contract, nigga

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well your wallet itself.I imagine the transaction itself is flagged as staking, which means the blockchain itself is the database

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You migrate your link tokens into the staking pool, aka stake. The rewards will be calculated on how long and how many tokens you've staked. When you want to claim rewards, you will receive according to the those calculations.

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But doesn't everyone who was in v0.1 have space in v0.2 even if all other v.01 people staked the full 15k?

I might be completely wrong but I thought that's why early access was 22m and early access top ups were 45m (so double)

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see how it slowed down so much already? stone. wall.

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so nobody knows how it works???

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Only if all v0.1 stakers staked a total of 7k

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Can I just buy and stake some LINK right now or did I have to stake previously? I wanna farm some airdrops

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you would have to wait for , heh, general access (pleb access) next week
good luck

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Imagine being sdl faggots waiting for general access lol. POOLS CLOSED

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Yeah so if they did, then as long as you stake before the next 3 days, you'll have space to stake, right?

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Seems like it’s finally slowed down a tad. Then again that was only the first hour and we still have four days. General access linkies, YOURE FUCKED!

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Oh No general access sisters, what do we do?

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kek 36.5, care to move your goal post further?

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I need this dab. I need to be able to hear linkpooler seething from space.

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I can’t stake till I get home from wagie job in 5 hours….did I miss the boat?

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is SDL / linkpool general access? fuck that would be amazing

>> No.56902044

you can probably squeeze in at the last second

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i think you are going to be fine, but its gonna be a close one. 4,000,000 spots left

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SDL/linkpool is some 3rd party scam token that means nothing.

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pretend to be sick and leave, whatever shekels youre earning on the hour now are worth less than the free link and airdrops will be

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oh I know they’re complete garbage, just curious about their level of access

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Sdl holders will be able to stake through the allocation given to node operators. Notice how the pool is 40 million not 45 million. But yes early access is more safe than using sdl for general.

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37m breached.

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it's a smart contract that knows how much you staked
why is that so hard to understand

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because all other staking smart contracts on eth work by giving you a staked token

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so unfortunately they won’t perish and will continue to shit up threads?

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RIP, sorry bro

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Are our reward rates locked?

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not all newfag

>> No.56902322

Pay up

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I got in but I didn't even know I was eligible until I tried. I'm just a poorfag who has been slowly buying some for past 2 years or so.

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those are scams
and they're inherently worse than link staking because if you get a "staked token" that is now viewed as a trade and thus a taxable event.

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>wahhh how could this be happening to me wahhh

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It changes depending on how filled the pool is. Higher reward for less filled. Lower reward for max filled.

>> No.56902372

it's controversial because plebs aren't supposed to be allowed to invest at the ground floor kek

>> No.56902423

Just paid 29$ to add 200 linkies to my stake for a grand total of 1100 :)

do you think in the future I'll be able to sell my early access staking allocation?

>> No.56902435

>statute of limitations enters the room

>> No.56902437

controversial to who? the sec? those niggers can tongue my anus

>> No.56902445

You deposit LINK in the contract and it calculates rewards based on that. Wallet eligibility for 0.2 is based on whether the address staked in 0.1. Eligibility for staking 0.1 was determined by addresses that had x amount of link for y amount of time before 0.1 was announced.

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My brother in christ, do you even understand that a smart contract is a kind of database (not SQL, though) that keeps track of every movement from genesis?

The LINK staking contract simply knows which wallet staked how much exactly when. This is how staking worked in 2020 in DeFi 1.0. Only later did we get liquid staking where you receive a surrogate token so you can do some finance lego shit.

Chainlink does not currently want that, and I guess to ensure that misbehaving node operators get a haircut so they cannot just sell the surrogate and fuck up shit.

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>controversial to who?
No idea. the claim doesn't have any [citation]

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on the contract is a merkle root. every eligible address is a leaf on the merkle tree grown from that root. your transaction generates a merkle proof showing that your address is a valid leaf in the tree, and the contract checks the proof. then, when you stake, there is a "mapping" variable that maps your staked balance to your address

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These are AI aren't they? The progression in the first one is nice.

>> No.56902588

>controversial to who?
shitlib wikipedia editors

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Really escalated quickly this time compared to last year.

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Do I hear 39?

>> No.56902608

last year was a more serious decision to make, you were locking it in for a full year full stop

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I don't care niggers there are still 2 AND A HALF MILLION fucking spaces available for me to stake my tokens.
It has almost come to a halt, you deluded fools.

>> No.56902652

No, early access is open to wallets that might not have staked in v0.1, that wasn't a requirement

>> No.56902680

Only 3 more days and 22 hours to go anon! I’m sure the other 17 million that were staked in the last two hours were just a fluke.

>> No.56902697

I’m a literally retard that got lucky with link. I moved my 7k stack in the early access stage. I don’t have to do anything today right? I’m already in 0.2v with my 7k stack?

Thanks bros im in advance I just want to be sure.

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You're all retarded for staking. the build rewards are all trash no name projects with 100 followers on twitter that wont release for years. 28 day withdrawal periods for staked LINK for what, 4% APY? lmfao.

>> No.56902714

Yea this would allow you to stake up to 14999.99k should you desire, but if you’re in with 7k before today you’re in with 7k

>> No.56902761

DeFi has rotted your mind anon, imagine NOT wanting to get staking income in the native token

>> No.56902770

If you migrated to v0.2 in the past few days. So you gotta migrate from 1 to 2, but that's all you have to do

>> No.56902778

What is a 28 day withdrawal period to someone who is never selling?

>> No.56902781

Go on a lunch break and go home and stake. Seriously.

>> No.56902800

the shit linkies are getting up to today is so funny
good luck stinkers

>> No.56902803

Its getting filled tonight when all the wagies return home from work

>> No.56902826

degenerates are just waking up on the east coast
west coast wagies lunch break
everyone on the sidelines getting wind of this
it's only been 2 fucking hours LMAO

>> No.56902835

same thing happened to me. Holy shit I was about to flip. I'm finally in!!

>> No.56902861

I've kept my link on coinbase for 3 years

t. 26 year old boomer

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how long do we guess is it until the next version? i have friends who arent going to make it in general access this time

>> No.56903050

>Where do you view your rewards?
on your bank account. so far, they are $0. this will be staking v0.5.7

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should I even bother staking my shitty 350 stinkie stacklet stack?

>> No.56903245

do it to make gen access anticipators seethe

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I did my part

>> No.56903644

Yes, to save your spot dummy

>> No.56903880

shhhh, the whales are happy, more exit liquidity while these idiots will be seething unable to sell

>> No.56903914

Sorry about the pool filling up jeet. Maybe next year you’ll be able to stake

>> No.56904063

I'll just sell from the couple thousand extra I have after locking up the stake

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40 million breached.

>> No.56904176

I just pushed us over 40m

>> No.56904201

40 million, time to edge until it's full

>> No.56904257

>more tabs than link

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>> No.56904571

Ripperoni in pepperoni

>> No.56904586

>orange man

>> No.56904783

hurry! fake a stummy ache!

>> No.56904795

you nulinklets are an embarrassment

>> No.56905322

shhh-fags should go back to Rebbit, no matter the point they are trying to make.

>> No.56905323

Staking not needed.