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Jannies don't want you validating data on decentralized networks

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>buy my jeet scam coin

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I know you're constantly mashing F5 on your keyboard looking for threads about KNS. You show up in every thread. Smart money to you is jeet scams, as you throw money at actual jeet scams. What a life

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No its KNS

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More like LMS, lmao. This shit is stuck in the water. No marketing no nothing. Team is essentially marketing retards. They don't want hype, but they don't understand that hype is what creates attention, and attention is what creates a userbase.

I might buy a small bag when it goes back to 0.002, but buying right now will result in a 50% loss throughout the month.

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Makes u wonder IF there was some ahem supression on this project then by now u would think they would take their foot of its neck. I mean of people didnt accumulate at sub 1m mc then to expect lower is delisional. Lets see if this gets the Kaspa pump now.

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so much kek. I bought a bag because of this

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>post: 2.5 hrs ago
>last buy: 7.5 hrs ago
Stop lying.

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>validating data
Yeah because that’s a problem?

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Anon I....

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If only you understood price action we're about to see on this coin

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Yes, a 50% drop to 0.002.