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I work for the wealth managers assocation of america. when the btc etf gets approved we will be mandating that all wealth managers and financial advisors allocate 1-3% to btc.

that is hundreds of trillions flowing into btc. btc will go up 10000% in 2024. consider this the best tip you will ever recieve.

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>Yes goyim, go all in, you're literally from the frontrunning the jews

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i work for the wealth managers association of america. being jewish has nothing to do with it

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this guy is predicting 100 million per btc

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i was going to provide some helpful commentary but now im gonna coom to ncaa athlete pics
thank you op for getting me to leave biz for the evening

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Imagine coming up with this retarded larp saying you work for this organizattion that doesn't even exist. Imagine believing that Bitcoin can unironically hit 100 million dollars, barring hyperinflation occuring. What's the point? No seriously. What's the point of these retarded threads? Are you schizophrenic?

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you dont think its possible?

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>altcoin daily
>high subscriber count of normies
>short edited hype video to pander to bulltard daydreaming
not the most credible thing you could have linked to desu

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is altcoin daily not respected here? hes one of the main crypto channels

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Dumbest larp post I've seen today