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Interlink: >>56870815 #
(Update your pasta)
1. Validator dynamic commision has been implemented. TLDR: Redelegate from Validators with large Voting Power or you will pay bigger commission (up to 20%!)
2. L1 Dev Team works for free in Q4 to make up for previous fuck ups and chain halt. They do it for free. Indefinitely.
3. Plans for governance owned to-do list of L1 tasks which can be completed by volunteers and paid contractors.
4. Terraport DeX has been relaunched after Certik audit.
5. USTC Repeg Plan by Redline Drifter awaiting approval from CEXs.
6. Proposal to turn Swaps is currently being discussed on LUNC Commonwealth dot im

Frenly LUNC Discord Server now open to anons:
discord @ com @ invite @ vfhFPJPv

Biz Aproved Validators:
None. Delegate with lower % validators to avoid being hit with higher comissions.
LUNChad Anthem (Listen 3 times a day)

BigJack List
Vinh&Superman (L1 Grifters)
Dr Cum (wannabe lunc ceo)

SHOAHD by Frens:
Alex Forshaw (currently redeemed)
Ed Kim

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dubs and i buy now

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bros shouldi buy more now?

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fuck when should i buy then

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2 more weeks
check em faggots

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Now and tomorrow at this same time

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we are going to Monaco international

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Why would you buy now that it has already gone up like 300%

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cus it will go up more...

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I slurped more this morning. Will continue slurping until I get 1B. No Im not joking

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Magic Mushroom bar strikes again!

Crypto exchange BitMEX follows Binance to list USTC and Terra Classic (LUNC) perpetual contracts


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Holding at 0.0002

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It seems like bitcoin was the play all along. 2 years of my life wasted

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im a poorfag, bitcoin would've not given the gains lunc could possibly give me

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According to an official announcement on December 5, BitMEX revealed that it is listing LUNC perpetual contract amid the massive rally. It offers up to 10x leverage on LUNCUSDT perpetual.

Users can start trading LUNCUSDT perpetual contract from December 6 at 04:00 UTC. The minimum trade amount is 1000 LUNC and base initial margin of 10.00%.

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Is it over bros? If we take another leg down it's over

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> The minimum trade amount is 1000 LUNC
>1000 lunc = $.20 cents
He’ll yea

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It’s literally just getting started… we are starting to get re-listed. This correction is the best buying opportunity that you’re going to get.

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Kek, do not sugar coat me. Are u aware that if it goes down one more time idk what can stop it

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Price movement is nothing more than a numeric representation of herd mentality/psychology. After X% of the Up volume has traded it will begin to move up again.

Basically people have to take profit, or the people who bought in at the top take a loss. This is nothing more than a supply and demand curve. Swing trades and FOMO faggots mongo'ed in and now we have to let them sell and normalize a bit before it picks back up. This is about as normal and standard as it gets.

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wtf was that

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Any leaf exchanges support lunc besides crypto.com?

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Lunchads, we rie.

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what are you talking about?

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Luncy monkey

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Consider this Splenda, a massive exchange is going to let people 10x leverage the coin tomorrow at 11pm EST

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thank you for 350 peas to village on latest dump
cash out the village lunc short now
thank you,
shitskin luncnigler

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Correction, tonight.

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Massive exchange, ChinkMax(TM) is going us to the moon! Hold your bags tight runchad. Remember: no paperbags, only diamond can make it.

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Dildo doublesigned a block and Nova got tombstoned.

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Everyone here needs gay sexium now!!! Please!!!

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isn't this old news from Sept?

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proposal #11888 which would reduce the active validator set from 130 to 100 passed

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>won't go back under .0002
erm...based much?

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>Frenly LUNC Discord Server now open to anons
invite no work
>LUNChad Anthem (Listen 3 times a day)


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We're recoooooovering!

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we do be creeping up tho...

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Buckle up, buttercup, shits going to get real. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Mushrooms... Always mushrooms

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What gongo down must comego up

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> https://vocaroo.com/1fk7klnZQdct


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For those that believe, here's TA. I know it makes some of you feel good despite being black magic fuckery that doesn't work, but whatever.

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mushroom bar anon??

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I'm here, brother. I couldn't stop laughing last night while tripping balls and we will lose a zero around Christmas.

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So, what's your price for this pump?

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What's the apy for staking this shitcoin?

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about 17% I believe

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It is happening.

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it's not about this pump, it's about all the pumps that will happen over the next 5ish months that will make you rich. I would implore you take a deep breath, fill those lungs to max capacity, and think about your financial problems going away...

But I'm pointing the bat to the bleachers and calling a little under 3 today.

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This is why i slurped at .0002 today

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With my 36mill bag staked. I get 4-5.00 CAD a day with the current pricing.
I laugh at fudds n jeets cause I'm getting free money.

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classic right-facing doge pattern on the 8 hour for ustc

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checkums deposited.

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Digits. Checked.


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Witnessed, dogelonmars to the moooooon

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Checked. Whoever makes pic rel pls make more. That's me! What app?

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Please not yet, I need to accumulate more I’m still at 6 mil

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Do it for the people mushroom bro! LUNC to outer space!

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I make about 1.25USD a day with 9.2M.

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call me baggie one more time.

fuck all the fudfags.

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Not all. Pic rel. I NEED AI-FUDDIUM NOW!!

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Merry Christmas frens!

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Need more copium...

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People unironically committed suicide when lunc crashed and you bought the dip.

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hello. do people usually take crypto out for xmas? I had a quick search but couldn't find out. I don't want to hold through the holiday season if everyone takes out the money

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Checked WAGMI indeed

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Nice ID, nghr

>> No.56890066

Checked and kek'd

>> No.56890099

Holy dubs
Roll for luck

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what is going on here?

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Interlinking, kek blesses this coin with digits and as such we are going to make it

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Thanks, I feel slightly better now.

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the circulating supply will crush all of your dreams

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Sitting at work listening to court junkie and practicing rolling a coin over my knuckles. Slow time of the year. What're you up to, /tlcg/?

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How many times do you have to be told. Circulating supply is IRRELEVANT. The ONLY thing that matters is the current float, which is miniscule.

There is almost no fucking available supply!

>> No.56890442

If you don't understand this concept, let me give you an example...

You should know that more diamonds exist in warehouses than humanity will ever need for all eternity. The circulating supply is kept to a miniscule amount by DeBeers. They just happen to have a monopoly on this, and keep it scarce.

The same thing exists for LUNC. There's basically nothing available to buy or sell that's why even a tiny uptick in demand creates massive price movement.

>> No.56890479

there's one trillion staked that can become liquid very quickly. exchanges hold trillions on behalf of users. thats a huge available supply.

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so uh how will you prevent this from happening again?

>> No.56890537

And yet the price still moves by 10% in a heartbeat and is one of the most volatile in the crypto space today. You can actually calculate current/real float based on volume, and price movement. It's nowhere near 6T.

>> No.56890690

Repeg proposal is on the table. It's automated, and uses a massive tax hammer to enforce the peg as it begins to deviate from "1". Redline drifter created it. It's not elegant, but it's extremely effective.

>> No.56890800

>uses a massive tax hammer to enforce the peg as it begins to deviate from "1".
I've been out of the loop for a while so this is the first I'm hearing of this. But this is actually a genius solution to make sure this never happens again once we repeg. It will defend the peg algorithmically while also discouraging massive sell-offs.

>> No.56890875

Facts. Redline did a great job with the proposal.

>> No.56891053

Has it been voted on already? I'm outta the loop.

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btw a new HCC video today has a positive vibe and goes directly to the point. I like it.
I criticized him in the last thread for doing the opposite all the time and maybe he saw it. good looks sir. keep up that good energy.

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I'm not familiar with that diamond company but I'm sure market regulators bond them to keep whatever flow there is to a minimum, not to disrupt the market - in case they indeed withhold vast amounts of diamonds. The same isn't true with lunc and it's derivatives, there's a lack of central control (which exacerbates the uncertainty of lunc's planning and management). If price reached $1 overnight, lunc would be 2nd worldwide asset by market cap, behind gold. Now, tell me, wouldn't that be a little silly?

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Silly is you’re disrupted obliterated sphincter after you get fucked by a pack of feral niggerz

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Bussin. I like those too. But really need more of these.

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so true but that doesn't change what i said

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Let's say 80% of the supply is effectively dead and can never be sold. Is the market cap real?

No, no it's not. If you dont get this... I cant fix ignorance. Work on your brain.

>> No.56891627

I’d also add paper hands sold lunc during yesterdays dump to buy BTC when it was pumping yesterday. Those were never going to be long term holders and are just jeets and redditors looking for a quick buck.

>> No.56891652

I bought in the week of thanksgiving and have held since then. 2 days ago was a test. I bought more in defiance of it. Load ze fud.

>> No.56891689

I cant help you. You have the IQ of a doorknob.

None of that is relevant for your assertion. There will always be profit taking and swing traders. If the underlying float is miniscule, and actively traded that is the only metric that matters, not the circulating supply.

Now you are distracting with "well people have paper hands!" None of that matters you low IQ retard. The point I made, have continue to make, and will continue to browbeat your low IQ self with is: The total circulating supply metric is IRRELEVANT with crypto.

FLOAT MATTERS. The float for LUNC is extremely low, and therefore total "Valuation is irrelevant"

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where is it written that 80% of the supply is effectively dead? who warrants that? btw no need to insult

>> No.56891718

thank god i switched to vegas
turns out the hyper emotional faggots in those threads were wrong AGAIN

>> No.56891736

That was a hypothetical figure you colossally retarded fucking faggot. The whole point of the burning mechanism is that it will REDUCE the circulating supply you're derping about. The more volume on the chain, the more the supply is burnt down. Once a repeg happens the burn rate will increase exponentially since the hopium will draw more activity to the chain, and swaps alone between USTC and LUNC can take care of a good chunk of the circulating supply in a fairly short amount of time.

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>If price reached $1 overnight, lunc would be 2nd worldwide asset by market cap, behind gold. Now, tell me, wouldn't that be a little silly?
Yeah but it's not going to happen overnight it's going to happen over a fortnight.

>> No.56891793

I did not say 80% of the float is dead. I used it as an example. You can quite literally do the math and figure out what the effectively float is by looking at price movement compared to volume traded.

Float is a different way to measure liquidity. LUNC is quite illiquid, which is why it moves so fast, and that is because the available supply is miniscule.

Does it TRADE like there are 6.8 trillion outstanding tokens? No it does not. It trades more like a microcap. That is because there is next to no available supply for sale.

The float is effectively nonexistent, and because it is nonexistent the real liquid market cap is nowhere near a billion.

Look at Bitcoin's market cap right now. it has no future, it is only valuable because it is in theory a story of wealth, it has next to no utility and is almost $1T.

It is not at all unreasonable for LUNC to hit 1T market cap because the real LUNC in circulation is FAR FAR less. FLOAT matters. When the float changes, then the story changes. This is basic supply and demand 101. This is basic high school stuff.

>> No.56891794

Is there a way to see how much has been burned this past week during that pump period? A lot of volume has been moving so I’d imagine it was a good amount

>> No.56891799


>> No.56891844

There's a chart there where you can see different time frames. The Binance burn at the beginning of the month was like 4B so yeah the volume did a lot for the burns compared to the almost 1 year of LUNC doing fucking nothing.

>> No.56891904

lmao these two are samefagging desktop and phone

>> No.56891950

it's not but at the rate the supply is being burnt there won't be much difference between now and 5 years

>> No.56891954

Not quite. My grammar and sentence structure is far superior. I don't create run on sentences like he does.

>> No.56891993

Nah I'm not the reddit spacing guy. Just got sick of an99ZKzA's retardation.

>> No.56892071

My grammar, and sentence structure, is far superior.****
Learn to use commas, faggot.

>> No.56892076

DNP is in this thread for anyone who cares

>> No.56892130

Those commas are optional and stylistic.

>> No.56892142

I've seen some no name shittokens' mcaps being in quadrillions based on the entire supplies on coinmarketcap. LUNC will be fine doing the same. Will be a normal average thing in the future.

>> No.56892183

Any games in LUNC?

>> No.56892199

Hyper Light Grifter

>> No.56892226

Didn’t we have 6t tokens and still sit at $120 per token???

>> No.56892251

No, the tokens were printed/minted to try and save UST during the crash

>> No.56892274


>> No.56892301

Supply was only 10B before the crash. SBF and Caroline were trying to short LUNC while manipulating the price. They went to far and caused USTC to depeg, so LUNC hyper inflated its supply to try to defend the peg to $1.

>> No.56892324

I know Caroline is catholic, but she's basically an honorary jewrat.

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File: 41 KB, 929x523, 107315175-1697031063293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no way you're going to convince me picrel isn't a semite, regardless of what is or isn't in her early life section.

>> No.56892454

Caroline is as Catholic as Muhammad. Fuck that bitch.

>> No.56892560

My grammar and sentence structure ARE far superior. And those commas are unnecessary.

>> No.56892586

Ew. It started a sentence with 'and.'

>> No.56892625

Where is this fucking prop?

>> No.56892693

>8 posts by this ID
Enjoy your loneliness.

>> No.56892701

>5. USTC Repeg Plan by Redline Drifter awaiting approval from CEXs.
This is all I can find: https://coingape.com/ustc-repeg-proposal-approved-terra-classic-price-jumps-10053/

>> No.56892763

and this:

looks like development of the mechanism is in progress. The proposal passed a long time ago

>> No.56892828

Found it:

>> No.56892876

Headed to my gf's so she can suck on my ball sack whilst I watch television. What're you up to?

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Bruh, why tf is this not pumping anymore?

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Sounds good

>> No.56893000

> Why don't things pump 1000x in one day?

>> No.56893028

Checked. I wish i could ride a 1000x every other day I'd form a PMC to wipe out isreal.

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File: 252 KB, 1024x1024, OIG.GKfU3MicsgwiajSGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Begin the burn

>> No.56893104

fuck it Ive decided that.. that.. y-you guys are no longer my basterds!!!

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>Up 300% in 30 days after a year of fucking nothing
>2 days of correction/crabbing
>Bruh wtf?
There are still more to shake out, aren't there LUNCsisters?

>> No.56893179

Well, that's exactly what I asked.

>> No.56893233

Thanks bro

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>> No.56893792

What wallet to hold lunc in?

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>> No.56893884

Meanwhile those who held for the entire year finally broke even from their losses so I’m assuming they’re about to lose them again

>> No.56893927

Is bitmex implementing the burn tax?

>> No.56893961

Daily closing bearish AF bros I'm suicidal

>> No.56893988

As someone who obsessed about minor price movements and ruined my emotional well being for over a decade... please stop trading futures with high leverage. Look at much higher timeframes and dont worry about the little stuff. None of it matters.

>> No.56894025

Kek, I'm not using leverage. I hate losing

>> No.56894095

Ok good. Overtrading costs you a lot of money. But as they say, better to take a small loss than a large one.

>> No.56894129

I bought at 23 now its 22 I'm financially devastated

>> No.56894136

I got a curiosity tho, if you said you have experience trading. How does funding rates affect the price? And why when it is positive people avoid buying?

>> No.56894281

crypto futures? It's a psychological thing more than anything. The amount of money it will take from you is negligible. Basically it encourages counter trend trading for the "extra" payment it will give the trader. It balances out the odds so not "too much" money is lost by the exchange since it balances out the sell side and buy side. Fractions of a % add up though.

>> No.56894378

You’ll sell at 17 and rebuy at 30.

>> No.56894384
File: 2.64 MB, 1272x1275, NOREPEG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56894474


>> No.56894942


>> No.56895209

I don't care if I get rich here, I just need like 50 grand and I'm in the clear.

>> No.56895372

do you have at least 625000 lunc?

>> No.56895393

Any update big or small from the cex's answer to redlines prop?

>> No.56895643

>there are people in this thread right now who took out short positions and tried to swing trade because it broke 21000
>completely ignoring the 20000 resistance
LMAO even

>> No.56895861

Do kwon tweeting when

>> No.56896034

Daily reminder that Dildo Faggins, responsible for the first and only tombstoned validator in lunc's history, still has not put up 1, not even 1 pull request on classic-terra GitHub in 18 months.
Daily reminder also that he and his team also said they would fix astroport classic contracts to prove themselves.
Daily reminder that nothing has materialised except for "two more weeks"

>> No.56896068

Do kwon tweeting when

>> No.56896081

They're all still laughing

>> No.56896090
File: 98 KB, 475x407, 1701821215180311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Por gentileza Deus!

>> No.56896100

I lost like 4mil luncies thanks to that faggot because i had my shit staked with him
It's joever

>> No.56896162

it's dover

>> No.56896176

2 more weeks you flaming faggot

>> No.56896245

Mmmh, USTC looks dumpy.

>> No.56896443

Redline was one of the few legit TR members but the fact his prop depends on every CEX cooperating makes think it's copium. I hope I am proven wrong.

>> No.56896563

lunc is the shiba inu of this cycle, screencap this

>> No.56896748


>> No.56896868

Yeah, for somebody that thinks he could do better than the clownshow that was TR, he was the only one that directly fucked anons by getting Nova tombstoned and deflects when anybody criticizes him for it. Classic narcissist.
That one anon that was pressing him and giving him grief long before the tombstone was the only one that saw through him.

>> No.56896905

>Everytime every FUCKING time! I do my research I look at the graphs I look at sentiment I see what the news is talking about I DO THE RIGHT FUCKING THING and you just want to shit on me? Really? I’ve been coasting through on this collapse and had a great fucking entry for my fucking short anf what you fucking burn me. You fucking burnt me and all that is gone because you wanted to play around like FUCKING RETARDS!!! FUCK THE LOT OF YOU! Just kick a guy when he’s down, I’m already going through a fucking shit divorce and stupid custody battle and now I have to deal with this stupid shit and what do you know it’s Christmas time too haha no FUCKING presents for the kids I guess just me being a failure of a fucking father like usual can’t even see my kids unless it’s holidays or the weekends. Fuck you all I hope you’re fucking happy with your gas money you absolute parasites merry fucking Christmas you pieces of fucking shit!

>> No.56896978

I’m assuming this is copy pasta from someone who got justed a year ago. Otherwise some other shitcoins?

>> No.56897012
File: 10 KB, 251x242, 1598956662669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Possibly St.Kret. Posted a few days ago. Lost my fucking shit:
> and what do you know it’s Christmas time too haha no FUCKING presents for the kids I guess just me being a failure of a fucking father like usual can’t even see my kids unless it’s holidays or the weekends.

>> No.56897056

I see, then in about half an hour we should see another small or big pump as the positive funding rate % is going to be, HOPEFULLY BCS I DON'T SEE SHIT, replaced by a negative one

>> No.56897077

Gentleman's, it was a pleasure shitposting with you. The ship has fallen

>> No.56897079

Keke st kret these threads used to be hilarious. Sold LUNC long time ago when Alex jew began trying to destroy lunc and the discord full of ustc baggie kikes subverting, turning off burns right when binance started burning, etc.

Is there any reason to believe this project is going anywhere still? Is there really a revival plan? Impressed you guys are still here.

>> No.56897115


>> No.56897130


>> No.56897136


>> No.56897186

In retrospect, it was a dip

>> No.56897274

it be looking like we’re going up famalama dingdongs

>> No.56897330
File: 122 KB, 1024x1024, OIG - 2023-12-04T093948.963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we..?

>> No.56897339


>> No.56897348

read the OP. there has been so much more terrible shit after what happened last year, and now that things look like they're finally about to work you think we're gonna sell?

>> No.56897561

Man fuck this shit WHY DOES IT DIP SO MUCH

>> No.56897648

100% correct. And who do you suspect owns most of the supply? Some have been watching wallets carefully since the crash and know.

>> No.56897683

How the fuck is this shit supposed to make gorillionaires when you have twitter fags like bullbnb bagholding like 1.5bil lunc? Imagine how many normies hold that much or even more.

This shit can't pump but MUST gigadump first..

>> No.56897725

this exactly. I don't understand. Everyone and their grandma holds atleast a mil.

>> No.56897775

whales will get shaken out with every pump, it was like this with shib too
they don't believe in a $1 lunc

>> No.56897779

True, I think it's better to sell and buy something else.

>> No.56897780

idk normies don’t seem fond of this one

>> No.56897912
File: 302 KB, 1024x1024, OIG.Ea6xHAZd5XCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When burn

>> No.56897924


>> No.56898237


>> No.56898251
File: 296 KB, 1024x1024, OIG - 2023-12-06T222458.102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56898355

over 2 years later and there are still LUNC baggies lol. This board is toast there are still GME, BBBY, and xrp threads lmao

>> No.56898360

over 20 years later and there are still LUNC baggies lol. This board is toast there are still GME, BBBY, and xrp threads lmao

>> No.56898420

over 200 years later and there are still LUNC baggies lol. This board is toast there are still GME, BBBY, and xrp threads lmao

>> No.56898421

over 200 years later and there are still LUNC baggies lol. This board is toast there are still GME, BBBY, and xrp threads lmao

>> No.56898509
File: 5 KB, 240x589, 1696952486370695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Godcandle coming up is gonna be beautiful

>> No.56898542
File: 230 KB, 690x222, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

many blessing sirs

>> No.56898642

Uh sounds like someone just did a triple homicide and then killed themselves. 4 gunshots just went off 4 trailers down and my neighbors dog is going crazy. Holy fuck

>> No.56898687

Buy signal?

>> No.56898889

Wen pump see WEN

>> No.56899169

wen gr8 baboona?

>> No.56899536

I think to myself "what do you think the price of this coin will be in a few months" when I consider selling...

>> There's going to be a considerable burn at the end of the month based on volume
>> Exchanges have the coin on their radar and are starting to re-list or list contracts to 10x leverage
>> It doesn't drop below 2 for very long and anyone selling below 3 will probably buy back when it starts pumping
>> CZ / Binance support burns and the coin
>> Repeg is imminent

I'm sure the price fluctuation gives people motion sickness, but there's a ton of room and opportunity to go up rather than going down. I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever they do, but I'm going to wait out another year or so and see how the burns add up and where it sits during the bull run. Holding 78m that DCA'd up to the 13 price point.

>> No.56899561

So bullbnb bought back in? I remember he exited last year

>> No.56899593

yeah after that whole insane run in the summer/fall of 22, i’m just buying, staking, compoonding.
There’s no reason to check this shit daily or hourly.
Wake me up when we hit .01

>> No.56899623

same here

>> No.56899626

That's how it is with every coin. There's going to be someone with more than anyone else. They know that if they sell all of their coins, it will be worthless. If their motivation is to fuck everyone over and dump their bag, more people will show up and buy. The price dropping isn't the problem; it allows equal distribution of funds, especially at a the current price point, which is low compared to where it can be.

Nobody wants to buy a coin that's been pumped 500% and more people will buy once they see it crabbing / stable and then hear news. A coin that pumps like crazy and then corrects 50% is pretty healthy and what you want.

>> No.56899644

this >> 56899626 was meant for you

>> No.56899664

gents what are the best port trackers? thinking of a zapper/debank equivalent

>> No.56899900

Ok thanks for clearing that up because I was about to call you a nigger

>> No.56899972

Holy digits

>> No.56899982
File: 49 KB, 828x654, 1657525471129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56900001


>> No.56900012

>off by one
Gonna kms

>> No.56900021
File: 14 KB, 358x376, images - 2023-11-29T191223.405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros it's starting to move again

>> No.56900023

Shit man..

>> No.56900128

Please, I beg you…

Project USTX: Transforming USTC into a Revolutionary Gas Token for Cross-Chain Interoperability


>> No.56900131

dogshit idea. No

>> No.56900164

Explain pls

>> No.56900185

Unrelated, I think we pump to 28 and crab until next leg up. Digits decide

>> No.56900202

Rolling for mega pump to .0007 before crabbing

>> No.56900207

There's no need to be like a bunch of other chains. Changing USTC to a gas token defeats the purpose of the entire chain.

>> No.56900221

Fair point.

>> No.56900359
File: 99 KB, 828x585, dokwonjpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it over?

>> No.56900379

It's just getting started.

>> No.56900490

Do not underestimate how much the US loves money and hates being scammed, ... They might not understand a single thing about crypto, but they wont let DK slide.

>> No.56900500

the jews are too strong and greedy
SK wouldve done the needful

>> No.56900515

Whatever happened to the BTC shoved up his ass?

>> No.56900790

This is going straight back to 0.0001, isn't it?

>> No.56900796


>> No.56900851
File: 221 KB, 1024x1024, OIG - 2023-12-06T222742.938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The negativity jesus. Has anything else mooned in the last 3 days? No?

>> No.56900972

All the penny shorters sure hope so. I mean, it wouldn’t be Jewish without options on penny crypto! Why else would you argue against a intangible asset having side bets when it’s already considered gambling?

Options in crypto is nothing more than greed. The same environment for an 08 style crash in crypto is possible because we just HAD to have options in a currency environment designed to AVOID government controlled fiat.

Only to have central bankers, do the needful and become market makers, so they can subvert the concept and introduce likewise market conditions to the stock market, so they can liquidity scalp retail since it abandoned the stock market entirely a year ago.

Crypto without options is more stable, now WHY would big banks hate stable crypto?
To introduce stable coins, to make it easier to lobby taxes. Every single gigadump to perfectly manafacture the necessity for mega index funds to slowly take over.

Anyone complaining about fud doesn’t understand that this isn’t fud, I am merely pointing out what you refuse to see, even with 10.5 mil bags I can still say in the green that the reasons why more of you aren’t rich is because of options and pattern traders.

Having said that LUNC still has room to go up with the burn and repeg. anyone foaming at the mouth from the first half of my post kindly reevaluate. Crypto WOULDN’T nearly be gambling as much as the stock market if those instruments weren’t allowed.

>> No.56901112

I mean, yeah, you are not wrong but my brother, this dump has been going on for 3 days. Every other coin pumped and lunch just stay down, lower and lower. I pray to god we pump again but it's starting to feel very unlikely

>> No.56901130

Good morning.

>> No.56901191

SGB and SUSHI are interesting if you're waiting to get into something with short term potential while this seems to crab

>> No.56901434

I don't get it. Do you think I'm samefagging? I got better shit to do don't worry

>> No.56901443
File: 58 KB, 2510x854, staypoor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Does a 5x
> Corrects to a 3x
> "my brother, this dump"
> "it's over"

The most embarrassing and stinky people.

>> No.56901517

Ok sir.

>> No.56901811

PLEASE delegate to the burn it all validator if you want to make it. USTC has a supply of only 8.9 billion. Why stop at a dollar when it can go higher now?

>> No.56902016

i hate you pajeets so much
you will never be anything but a smelly mongrel

>> No.56902126

dang it.... i need hopium

>> No.56902128

Already have ranjeesh. 20M on there permanently until we crest $1.

My other 20M is for selling :)

>> No.56902288

My eyes color is bluer than you can ever wish to have you fucking mongoloid. "Pajeets" sit down you half breed. I bet you are American, 153 cm manlet nigger lover

>> No.56902394

Good I’m glad this is dumping again, I’m glad I can finally try to get back into shorting this junk hopefully after new years because I’m dead broke because you fucking pieces of shit morons decided to artificially inflate the price just to get us all out, you know what I’ll have the last laugh when you see it crashes further and I walk away with a decent cash payment. I can’t afford Christmas presents this year, sure I’ll look like a failure of a father to my kids and ex wife but you know what? I’ll show them just how smart I am catching the top and shorting it back down again just as a big middle finger to you fucking asshole pieces of fucking SHIT! GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS MY FUCKING GOD GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP RUINING OTHER PEOPLES!!!

>> No.56902431
File: 21 KB, 599x504, 7fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56902455

You call me a troll, you call me a baiter you call me a coper because I lost money. How would you feel if you were in my situation huh? Would you just let it go? No you would want the idiots who artificially rose a price of a dying shitcoin to feel your pain just as much as you feel it. I’m not in the fucking wrong for acting this way and I’m tired of people not taking me fucking seriously, am I just a joke? Is that really what you think of me? You’re fucking pathetic. Eat shit. I am NOT A FUCKING JOKE!

>> No.56902488

I wish there was a way to block someone on here.

>> No.56902530
File: 193 KB, 1024x1024, OIG - 2023-12-02T223836.348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have hope frens

>> No.56902531

Go fuck yourself

>> No.56902542

No no no shut the fuck up. Last time you said some stupid shit like this it went up and ruined me so no there’s no fucking hope for this shitcoin I’m canceling you out.

>> No.56902583

4chanx > filter > unique id

>> No.56902592

Kek, I guess there can be someone more retarded than me

>> No.56902709

Explain how I’m retarded you moron. Go ahead I’ll wait I got time you pig skinned piece of mulch faggot.

>> No.56902751

You guys sold, right?

>> No.56902845

I this fucker could halve and I’m still in the green.

>> No.56902849

imagine bagholding this back to 5 and not thanking your lucky stars you get one last chance to exit.

>> No.56902874

The only thing that moves the line more than baggies is option traders that can literally scalp billions if they’re from a hedge fund because (((market makers))) are there to help banks siphon liquidity out of retail.

>> No.56902905

Bottom signal

>> No.56903178

Someone is ladder attacking the principle with shorts.

>> No.56903614

we are still fucking early boys don’t underestimate the power of positive thought prayer and meme magic. WAGMI and I will finally quit my job and move somewhere sunny and start a giant farm. $100 eoy lunc will recover

>> No.56903680


>> No.56903723

Good morning sirs it has been three days time when is Lambo? I will soon redeem this benchod currency.

>> No.56903855

Absolutely based and bloomerpilled

>> No.56903894

$100 eoy? For an almost 6 trillion supply? What hopium are you smoking?

>> No.56903916

Agreed. I think we have a long road ahead, especially with the DK case which will give plenty of buying opportunities. I would anticipate the price moving up closer to month end with a burn

>> No.56903937

Black Tar Hopium

>> No.56904018

Fucking retard. That would make me a billionaire.

>> No.56904069

I have $5k waiting for 16 or it’s going towards Christmas… balls in your court, paper hands

>> No.56904134

Ok let's change the subject fuck this dip. What do y'all think Do Kwon being extradited to the US means for LUNC and USTC? Bullish or bearish?

>> No.56904161

I am literally indian and by the power of vishnu vested in me I am telling you lunc will make it, pay no heed to the posers
I've been holding this shit since last year through the ups and downs, never sold, not selling anything until at least $2, I am unironically shilling it to all my friends and family getting them in early before we really pop off
I wish I could shill to the entire village that is India but I am doing my part to dilute the whale holdings

>> No.56904166

you’re right it would be extremely retarded if you became a billionaire that’s never happened to anyone in crypto

>> No.56904231

It would have been much better if he got sent to SK. (((Gensler))) et al. want to use UST as a case study to outlaw stablecoins.

>> No.56904844

Market buying at 24, fuck it

>> No.56904891


>> No.56905226

Ok fuck this coin I'm out

>> No.56905260

I was once liquidated by LUNC in a big way, I won't let it happen again. This is a shit coin and shitcoins deserve to be in the toiler for shit

>> No.56905263

You’re literally selling the bottom

>> No.56905280

Junc's bottom is zero

>> No.56905296

I’ve been reading fud for over a year and I’m still up 3x…

Verification not required.

>> No.56905307

Give it time.

>> No.56905342

Somebody is refusing to let this coin go below 2 for very long… this is the 4th time and a 500m+ buy wall shows up to step in and correct it. That guy is dumb as fuck or knows something

>> No.56905537

First of all this isn’t even a dip everyone is just fucking retarded and can’t get their their dick out of their ass, zoom out 3 months and look at the actual dip we were on
I don’t comment a lot but this is absolutely a topic we should be addressing, Do Kwon being extradited to the US is in my views the absolute bull signal we should be looking at and it’s very easy but these fucking retarded reditoids and shitstained pajeets keep shitting up these threads

Plain and simple, there were a fuck ton of US investors whose life savings just vanished out of thin air, and guess who’s losing on this, (((THEM)))
That’s right, the big nosed motherfuckers than run the banking cartel all over the world, this piece of shit Korean faggot thought he could scam the fancy suit wearing motherfuckers from (for now) the biggest world power that shields the biggest tax agency in the world
That’s a big no no, and you can simply look at what’s happening to CZ to come to these same conclusions, you either play the (((big nose))) faggots game, or they will hunt you down and make you pay for it, with interest
To finalize yes, do kwon will get ass raped in prison, the repeg will happen, a bunch of fuckers will make money, and (((they’re))) gonna get their slice of the pie in taxes one way or another
Verification: my noooticer visions

>> No.56905664

Watching 2 get rejected 4 times is so bullish.

>> No.56905746

You fucking dumb low iq nigger, did you read anything I said. Retarded fluoride brain mouth breathing pieces of shit like you is why I don’t comment much anymore

>> No.56905757

It got rejected for the past 17 hours and for what, this doesn't show any sign of going back up for fucks sake JEWS HELP US

>> No.56905819

They will, but they will run this shit to the fucking ground to make sure they hold most of it themselves before allowing the repeg to happen

>> No.56905843

You illiterate dirty catheter… I’m bullish on this and have all the time in the world.

>> No.56906006

okay but why would it be bullish for the jews to get him as opposed to SK?

>> No.56906023

He’s delusional and racist, you should be mirr interested in the fact that someone is not letting it stay below 2

>> No.56906107

Was that it? Can I open my eyes now? Bruh, they were trading billions back and forth what the actual fuck was that BTW double bottom should be in bullish hopefully

>> No.56906127

It will have no effect whatsoever on luncs trajectory towards 0.

>> No.56906128

I am more interested in the guy that fled with thousands of BTC that would bring on the repeg; not some whale traders.

>> No.56906134

Septuple bottom, my guy. Kick your feet up, eat some shrooms

>> No.56906151

Our price manipulating gigawhale is not unfamiliar to anyone.

>> No.56906178

Dream on. The btc will never go to a repeg.

>> No.56906215

Don’t kink shame BTC, let it get pegged

>> No.56906225

Looks like after the quintuple oogaduple bottom the seller gave up

>> No.56906249

Kek. They can never give u a break, can they

>> No.56906397

Holy shit, BUSD is getting delisted from Binance

>> No.56906459


>> No.56906469

Please god, repeg USTC and replace it

>> No.56906528

It’s never going to repeg

>> No.56906622

Bake bread

>> No.56906633


>> No.56906661
File: 263 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dec 14th

>> No.56906723
File: 2.75 MB, 1280x1280, Imdoinglunc_howboutyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking kenny g.
Fr fr payboi. Global attention on luna. Headlines. Interviews. US is gona' US. But I'll give DK the benefit of the doubt, for now. Sure he faked volume and shit. But maybe he actually was saving luna's liquidity from an attack with unlimited funds. An attack allegedly by Genesis, SBF, Kenny G, Jump Crypto, and maybe more. And if he wasn't it would make a great, believable story.
>I no rob bank. I save bank! Here, you take!
What are your thoughts on those 9,000 BTC?

>> No.56906742

50x long at that bottom see you boys at .001

>> No.56906772


>> No.56906781

I bet you have a big dick

>> No.56906794


>> No.56906917

>I'll give DK the benefit of the doubt

No, DK is not our guy. He is responsible for the fork and the abomination that is 2NA. Plus, blockchain data shows that he did not use LFG’s Bitcoin reserves to defend UST. The Bitcoin was tumbled around various addresses before ending up in DK’s kimchi chute.

>> No.56906919

I just took profits anons

>> No.56907036

Faggot detected

>> No.56907705

it's time for a new bread who's baking?

>> No.56907737
File: 2.78 MB, 1271x1270, 5f710f46-4f40-47ac-a741-98ccfad39fbe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kimchi chute vs kimchi keister? Hmmm? Fine word play. I think you need two syllables for the second one two so, kimchi keister.
That said. He could be our guy. Tuna could have saved lunc buy allowing it to crash and burn and become decentralized. You guys are too high IQ. Lets just say it like this. He had a baby. Then cloned his baby. which is more valuable to him? the og or the clone? Simple.
Yes. He has the 9,000 BTC. The question is why! Or, more so, if lawyers can spin the answer to pretend he took it to save it from the big fish.
He is innocent until proven guilty in my eyes.