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Tectum. fastest chain on the planet about to go live in Jan. 1.3tps. Also has soft note tech that scales Bitcoin in a way that anyone running an ETH will need. Only 50m mc. Solid team.

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>Tectum. fastest chain on the planet about to go live in Jan. 1.3tps
lol Radiant already did more than that on their mainnet

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I said 1000x

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I said chainlink

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Where to buy?

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>relaunched on eth
>original was held back by bnb
> despite that hit 230m without retail in the space
>has his own videogame
>has his own bowtie
its going to multi-billions

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A 1000x for MILEI would be 300M mc
That's pretty moonboy but I don't think a 100x is out of the question, lets just see what sunday has in store

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The lock on that coin unlocks in four days

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Not a shitcoin bub, but a potential 1000x for sure

AGRS has already reached $7, last week it costed $0.29 cents, giving us a free 25x

Agoras is powered by a machine learning AI and it's literally trained and designed to be one of the biggest coins on the market soon, already surpassing big faces like LINK, AVAX, HBAR and SOL

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que esa mierda no vendio toda su liquidez dejando en bolas a todos sus holders hace como dos meses o era otro schizo usando el nombre del tarado este para hacer un rugpull?

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>24000% in just one week
>AI token
>devs doxxed, decentralized

Sounds promising, not gonna lie

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You'll need a Cardano wallet but just fucking check it out.

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maybe the only project here that's actually making some progress and not a blatant rugpull

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you are not going to find that in /biz/ you need to enter in more specialized places like some discord servers or telegram channels, you could also try to enter in the beta of beoble. There are only newfags here asking the same question as you.

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Actually, if you bought on presale a month ago, you'd have a 200x

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Check again bobo, it was updated on unicrypt the day he was elected, tokensniffer hasn't updated yet, others have
It's locked for 4 years

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every day I see so many posts with the same question "which shitcoin is the next to make x10?" I'm sick of it

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4 years* ru high?

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Fue otro schizo, este legitamente tiene una comunidad y intereso

Viene al tg hay muchos hispanos, mileitokeneth

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e interes*
ven/veni al tg*

flaco si vas a shilear a Milei metele mas ficha al español (?

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AI coin?
in 2024?

Sheesh, like, I dunno man, that sounds mid af

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Microsoft startup from Japan
30% APY staking
<$500k MC

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Not a shitcoin but
Decentralized oracles and indexing on the way
Doxxed team
3m market cap

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Estoy intendando anon

Solo quiero hacerle sentir orgulloso de mi

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you're right, chainlink will 10000x. single and it's true
what the fuck is all this spanish

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I hope you are right went all in like a retard

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The OG pepe

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QANX is no shitcoin but it's sure a 100X gem

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What the next PEPE

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MILEI, and you can get in at the ground floor

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Ok i'll give you a legit one. $vidya s a microcap that is active since 2020 but has not yet pumped due to the fact that the dev are actual indie games developers and don't give a shit about adv and scamming people. They are realising an open beta of tcg on which they are working since forever this month (amazing pixel art, original ost, more than 100 unique monster design). This is just the first of a series of games, powered up by the token. Tech is solid, aesthetic of the project is amazing. Look for @team3d on X.

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SUPRA, not a shitcoin but cross-chain bridgeless oracle.

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>from Japan
Nope. Japs are incompetent at technology and just functioning like normal people in general.

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>What is the next potential 1000x shitcoin?

Do you know BitCone?

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SUPRA, 100x potential, not a shitcoin but a cross-chain bridgeless oracle.

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Red flag

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Fuck, crypto is dead

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Interdasting one fren. When will it be available to trade? I just made my account. Why TF didn't you refer me?

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Karlsen Network, KSL


certain 10 x at least

this can only be bought on two exchanges, tradeogre and non kyc exchange

it's still really early, because KLS only been able to buy these exhanges for two days

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pic related

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Karlsen Network, KLS


certain 10 x at least

this can only be bought on two exchanges, tradeogre and non kyc exchange

it's still really early, because KLS only been able to buy these exhanges for two days