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>visit /biz/ and reddit
>correction happening tomorrow, it's already over, you are buying the top, extreme fear and warnings
>visit beoble, discord chats etc
>pure mumuposting, buy at 41k doesn't matter we are making it to 60k soon anyway, optimism, alts are going to implode
Sooo to which platform has the right mindset, then?

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You. You are your own mindset, anon. You are the one who's supposed to read the charts and make up his mind instead of pretending like if you follow another man's advice everything is going to be alright. What do you think of what's happening with crypto?

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/biz/ is always wrong, reddit is always wrong, most faggots you find on discord and similar platforms are delusional as fuck.

so pick your poison.

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i think everything is going to be fine :)

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you're not looking for a reliable platform, you're looking for a platform that tells you what you want to read. It's quite different

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when I was at 35k everyone was saying the same thing and now we are going to 42k.

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Copytrading is way better than diy charting etc.

OP just visit tradingview and see what people there are cooking up. Look at the more popular TA.

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just buy and go, you don't need that money anyway.

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buy when we back at 38k or whatever. it's going to happen anyone who says otherwise is fucking retarded and doesn't understand what "liquidity cycle" even means.

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Wassup hommie, just joined in the new scam of the block? bull's wont happen to everyone you know?

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>visit beoble, discord chats etc
the worst decision in the world, there are only newfags who parrot the same speech over and over again.

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I want to believe.

but now Cope its all I have left.

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idk man, do whatever you want and be cool

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based mumu of positivity <3 :)

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Cope, and dont care about biz

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>beoble mentioned
considering there are servers that are exclusive to bitcoin maxxies i thinkt he best thing you can do is get in one of those and see what they think. lurk around and shi.

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jesuschrsit what is life i hate this

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Well everyone in beoble its actuually a newfag, if you actually look for normie socials, normies and retards is the only thing you'd be getting

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Not really. I don't care to pick a side or whatever, I just want to feel safe when I'm about to buy/sell.

I guess this could be useful...

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liq cycle is a meme term that means nothing faggot. stop posting tranny pornography in my anonymous finance board.

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Take a look at Bitcoin, also referred to as digital gold, it currently trades at 44k USD per coin, do you see what I mean?
>just shitposting in retarded nigger way

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same, its only function is to generate fear among users.

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and that's a fact

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among (us)

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everywhere is wrong, you have to do something DREADFUL and develop criteria of your own

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i think im gonna fuck your mom

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You are fairly stupid if you think btcmaxxies have anything useful to say besides "Saylor will save us just buy more rn dont worry".

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10k is programmed

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this board practically got me into kaspa at the perfect time. xrp, too. you should care about what biz says. reddit legit does nothing it's pure karma farming.