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they are killing chainlink (again)

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Most people are fed up , except for 5 or so incels on biz.

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checked and pink wojak id

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it kills itself

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They don't want anyone to get in whilst they load up. That's why they're keeping it at an accessible price behind the market.

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THE Cuckolds of crypto

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Moontime kek

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they are loading up for 6 years now and there is no end to the level of greed that they're on, they wont stop it voluntarily, its never gonna be enough for them, thats what greed is. It will only stop when something significant get released like CCIP

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This is definitely Sergey hiring defense posters, lmao. It's not even close to organic

You will want to kys after BTC is at $200k and LINK is $18

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I'll probably want to kms if that happens but at this point my brain is so fucking deranged from watching alts outperform BTC so many times I literally can not buy BTC knowing I can buy alts. It's not just LINK, I have multiple shitcoins in my portfolio that I continue to accumulate which are all underperforming BTC currently but I just know there's the chance of them RIPPING 100-200% within a couple of weeks and it makes it hard to imagine buying BTC which really can no longer do that at this point.

BTW I could have traded into BTC or ETH YEARS ago and made it if I timed it right but instead I'm at like $800k. Of course, "if I timed it right" is a retarded way to think. I have done well, better than if I just bought BTC or ETH to begin with, but it still does hurt watching my alts bleed as BTC pumps.

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sergey only has 500 more million of tokens to dump before he's out of tokens to dump he printed out of thin air.

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Who are "they"?

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It's rank 11 and even breaking $17 will push it into the top 10. It's crabbing at $15 for another year while it drops a bunch of ranks before it can be allowed to move again. And it doesn't mean shit what they release in the meantime. CCIP could connect every bankchain on Earth straight to eth and link wouldn't move.

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The hiding strategy seems so fucking retarded to me. Any normie can buy 1k+, especially once they make some gains off crypto. Literally just seems like they're holding the door open for every soiytuber and instathot to get a bag.

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Kek baggies
Hows this make you feel?
>link dec 2020: $12.75
>link dec 2023: $15.95

>btc dec 2020: $19,500
>btc dec 2023: $43,500

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Yes we know. Link is fucking unpumpable.

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no normie is throwing $14,000 at a crypto they can't even begin to understand

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Its just karma for working for saturn in a NWO global enslavement death cult

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You are a retard. They throw this cash around all the time. Average day at the casino for a normie to drop 14k or bet that much at a sports game

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Linksisters... our response?

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They will when some youtuber or twitter influencer name drops it
Yeah probably, I've come to believe chainlink is cursed and will ultimately ruin us

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Chainlink should be valued 100bn. We will, soon.

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I'm holding until 2030. They're locked and everything.

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You are ngmi

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wow "they" sure are taking a long, long, LOOOONG, long ass time to load up. was going at the speed of a snail part of their plan?

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Absolutely not, we'll be super lucky to even wick up $30B when btc hits $100k

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think about how many people go to casinos and bet on sports games. then think about how many people invest in crypto. then think about how many of those people actually look into alts and don't just buy btc/eth/doge. then think about how many of those people are going to go "chainlink? what's that let me look into it." then think about how many of those people will actually understand what they read. then kill yourself for being braindead.

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>LINK spergs out and goes on a run during low liquidity and 0 awareness and front runs the entire market
>runs out of steam after a month
>the bullrun begins
>LINK blew all its powder and is now sidelined for the entire bullrun again while social algorithms and TA prefer new pumpers and hype tokens
i hope you enjoyed your +80% "moon mission" and your 4% apy because thats all you get while the market averages a 20x on your back like 3 years ago

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Nothing feels better than linkies getting left in the dust.

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Of course!

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This is why I spent the bear market accumulating everything but link. When we do another 100x on link's broken back maybe I'll buy some more with the profits for when link hits $30 in 2027.

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>30 year hold